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Fortress Interlocks ProNet safety switch

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Fortress Interlocks ProNet safety switch

Fortress Interlocks has expanded its amGard Pro product group with a ProfiNet version. This variant of the amGard Pro product group has been specially developed to function properly under the most severe industrial conditions.

profinet veiligheidsschakelaars fortress interlocks

With a locking force of 10,000N and a very robust stainless steel head module, this switch will function for years without problems under most harsh industrial conditions such as vibrations, dust and dirt. With this expansion of the amGard Pro range, Fortress Interlocks has brought the most robust network safety switch on the market.

ProfiNet is the world’s most advanced industrial Ethernet system for transporting real-time data between control equipment such as PLCs and field devices (including safety switches). With the help of the ProfiNet suitable safety switch, the wiring for each field device can be reduced. Because the safety switch is equipped with four quick disconnectors (two for data and two for power), a lot of wiring can be saved through “Daisy-chaining”. Design, engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced.

In addition to ProfiNet, the safety switch developed by Fortress Interlocks can be used on Ethernet IP networks. ProfiNet offers an unprecedented level of error detection which drastically reduces downtime in production. Authorized personnel also has remote access to the network, allowing engineers to diagnose system faults without being on-site.

All amGard Pro safety switches can be provided with a safety key that must be removed by the operator who enters the protected area. The machine cannot be restarted until the safety key has been returned to its original position outside the hazardous area. When multiple operators enter the secured area, the safety key adapter can be locked with a padlock. This allows any operator to attach a padlock to the safety switch for locking purposes.

Safety switch with Ethernet control

Version for ProfiNet and CIP Safety

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