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Machine Safety with Double Door Scenes

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Machine Safety with Double Door Scenes

Machine safety in logistics & distribution

Some guarded areas of production lines require the use of double doors, where an operator uses one door for entry and another to exit.

Machine safety regulations acknowledge the risk of entrapment and or accidental machine restsart using a double door system. By using the FRANK access control system in combination with safety interlocks these risks can be eliminated.

Access to the guarded area can be requested by an operator using his ID badge at the 1st access door. When the machine is isolated and the area is cleared for entrance the door can be opened. Only when the operator is logged out on the FRANK reader at the 2nd door and both doors are closed the production line can be restarted.

Access by multiple operators requires everyone to be logged out of the system before machine restart is possible.

Prevent unwanted restarts and lock-ins at double door systems with ProfiNet controlled ID badge reader and security locks.

Access request and reset using ID-badges

Authorised access

Controlled access to machine with rundown time

FRANK - Double Door
Frank Access Control View Product range
After login using an ID-badge by the 1st operator the safety interlock is unlocked and access to the guarded area is granted. The 2nd operator also presents the ID-badge when access the zone.View Product range
Safety Interlock
The safety switch can be opened from both the inside and outside using the door handle. View Product range
Machine restart is prevented as long untill all operators are logged off. View Product range
The FRANK system controls the authorisation level op operators and check which operators are logged in and out of the guarded areas. View Product range
Restart is only possible when all operators are logged off and all doors are closed. As a result, it does not matter which door is used to access or exit the area. View Product range

Products used in this application

Frank Access Control
ProNet access control-system by use of your existing ID badges.

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amGard Pro
Modular safety door switches and interlocks for heavy duty applications.

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Machine Guarding
Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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