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Enabling switches or hold-to-run switches are used to safely operate machine functions within the machine guarding.

Only when pushed in the middle position, will the enabling switch allow that the machine functions can be operated. If the switch is released or pushed the machine will switch off immediately for safety.

Entirely modular
Pld / Ple according to EN/ISO 13849-1
Inductive handdetection

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ZEUS modular
enabling switches

The Zeus is a robustly designed modular enabling switch that can be composed to the user’s wishes.

The Zeus hold-to-run switch is always equipped with a robust 3-position manual switch and has the following features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust IP67 casing
  • Modular design
  • Is an enabling switch as well as a gate box
  • Up to 61 different machine functions can be selected
  • Advanced anti-manipulation through hand detection
  • Different connection options
  • Can be equipped with an emergency stop, key switch and hanging detection
enabling switch dead man switch
enabling switch with emergency stop
In-hand sensor

De Zeus Hold-to-run schakelaar kan uitgerust worden met een in-hand sensor. Een in-hand sensor zorgt voor bescherming tegen manipulatie. Door middel van handdetectie in combinatie met een trilling sensor kan het manipuleren van de toestemmingsschakelaar worden voorkomen.

modular hand control
Emergency stop

An emergency stop is required on every application, when the emergency stop is located on the machine, the accessibility must always be considered. By equipping the hold to run switch with an emergency stop, the procedure to stop the machine is much shorter and this makes for a safer situation.

3-position switch
61 Different machine functions

With the Zeus permission switch it is possible to directly activate, start and stop up to 61 different machine functions via the 7-segment display.

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operation for teach mode functions machine
Emergency stop
Function buttons
3-position switch
Home sensor
Mounting bracket
Plug connection
Hand detection

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