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Why machine guarding?

Machine fencing offers maximum safety and complies with the latest Machinery Directive.

Troax mesh wall systems are modular and can, with the use of standard products, be customised to your demands. A modular installation will shorten the delivery time and ensures a good price-quality ratio. It is also possible to have your safety fencing installed by USP and have it fitted with the safety components you desire.

1600 joule impact tested 
Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
Entirely modular

Machine fencing
and mesh panels

Our range of machine guards complies with the new machinery directive and offer maximum safety. 

Book a measurement appointment with our specialists

Free measuring and designservice

Unique Safety Products offers a free measuring service for the installation of machine guarding. This way we guarantee that the right products are delivered exactly to size.

During the measuring by our specialists, possible placing issues can easily be prevented and the most efficient placement of panels and posts is determined.

Our sales engineers take safety distances, moving parts and the best choice of material into consideration that are best suited for your environment.

You will then receive a no-obligation proposal from us, including a clear 2D and 3D drawing with dimensions.

The measurement and design service is a free service that Unique Safety Products offers for making a quotation.

Do you already have a drawing? Email this to immediately receive a competitive offer

Machine fencing proposal

2D drawing

Part of the design service is a 2D drawing in dwg or pdf including dimensions.

3D impression

With a 3D impression, you get a better picture of the future situation.

Material list

A clear overview of all the materials we used in our proposal.

Professional installation

In case you do not have time to assemble the fencing yourself, we will be happy to offer you our assembly service. 

Our experienced technicians will visit you on a day of your choice and place the shielding according to the installation drawing. Minor adjustments can be carried out by our technicians (if sufficient material is available).

Doors are built up and aligned, posts will be firmly anchored and, if you have also chosen our Safe Locks or Fortress Interlocks safety switches with mounting brackets, then these will be placed on the doors directly, by our technicians.

Panels of
mesh, sheet metal and

Panels are available in different versions; from the mesh panels, ST20 and ST30 that require a safe distance of at least 120mm, to the PC panel that provides a good view on the area and hat can be positioned close to the installation.

There is also the ST full sheet panel that meets the requirements regarding protection against weld spatters, dust and liquids. This panel can also be placed close near the machine.

In case of outdoor installation or usage in wet environments, all Troax parts can be hot-dip galvanised.

  • Available as standard in grey, black and yellow.
  • Hot-dip galvanised for wet environments
  • 20x100 meshpanel for a better view of the machines
  • Easy to attach to the post with SmartFix brackets
  • Includes cut sections to adjust the panels to exacly the right size
  • Panel width 200mm to 1500mm
  • Available in mesh, polycarbonate and sheet metal
troax smartfix ST panels
troax mesh panel
Mesh panels

Troax SmartFix mesh panels have a mesh size of 20x100mm and are available with a 19x19mm (ST20) or 30x20mm (ST30) frame.

troax polycarbonate panels
Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels have two 3 mm pc sheets fixed to the panel frame from the inside with screws.

PC panel is available in all standard widths, can be placed directly against the machine and is suitable for places where you need full visibility of the machine.

troax full sheet panels
Full sheet panels

Troax full sheet panels are available in all standard widths. Full sheet panels offer the advantage that they can be placed directly against the machine. Troax full sheet panels meet the requirements for welding spatter, liquids and dust.

troax smartfix hinged door

Doors different
types off hinged doors
and sliding doors

Troax has an extensive range of door types for different machine fencing applications, that can be used in combination with Smart Fix, Rapid Fix, Safe Fix and Strong Fix.

A door kit makes it easy to change a panel in a hinged door. These are the qualities that make Troax a hugely flexible system. Using standard mounting brackets all door types can easily be fitted with almost all types of safety switches and interlocks we have in stock.

  • Available as standard in grey, black and yellow.
  • Hot-dip galvanised for wet environments
  • Width 700mm to 6000mm
  • Available in mesh, polycarbonate and sheet metal
  • Different closures available
troax single hinged door
Single hinged door

Standaard draaideur met een maximale breedte van 1.500mm eenvoudig te creëren d.m.v. een Troax deurkit.

Double hinged door
Double hinged door

Use to create wide passages. Available with of without middle frame section.

troax folding door
Folding door

Bestaat uit 3 panelen met een totale maximale breedte van 4.500mm, ideaal voor grote doorgangen

troax telescopic hinged door
Telescopic hinged door

This door takes up little space when opened.

troax single sliding door
Single sliding door

Space-efficient and ergonomic solution for many machine guard applications.

troax double sliding door
Double sliding door

Ideal for retaining solidity when wide passage is required.

troax telescopic sliding door
Telescopic sliding door

For improved stability and an unrestricted passage height

troax double telescopic sliding door
Double telescopic sliding door

For door openings to 3.000mm with a free access in heights.

troax linear sliding door
Linear sliding door

Door slides across the rails placed on the floor for extra solidity

Posts in various

The standard Troax 60 × 40 mm post is available in three different heights: 1,400 mm, 2,200 mm and 3,000 mm.

The base plate is fully welded and forms the basis of a solid and robust construction. The larger StrongFix 80 × 80 mm post is also available, suitable for rough environments or in places where there is a high risk of impact.

  • Available as standard in grey, black and yellow.
  • Hot-dip galvanised for wet environments
  • Available as SmartFix 60 × 40mm or StrongFix 80 × 80 mm.
  • Standard heights: 1.400, 2.200 and 3.000 mm
  • Prepared for mounting doors and panels
troax smartfix ST post
machine guarding for robots
machine guarding for robots
safety fencing for robots
troax mounting brackets for safety switches

Mounting brackets
for the fast mounting
of door switches

Use the official Troax mounting brackets for the assembly of all types of Fortress Interlocks safety switches and interlocks.

The mounting kit ensures a robust and ergonomic mounting of door switches on all Troax door types. As a result, alignment of these door locks will never again be a problem.

The kit is delivered directly ex-factory with your machine guarding and, if you have chosen for our assembly service, placed directly on the door.

Unique Safety Products also supplies mounting plates for Axelent machine guarding

safety switch on door
mounting brackets for safety switches
mounting of door interlocks

SafeLock universal
voor deuren

De Safe Lock is ontworpen als toevoeging op veiligheidsafscherming en veligheidsschakelaars en zorgt voor meer betrouwbaarheid en duurzaamheid.

The Troax Safe Lock system can be placed on any door type and can be combined with a wide range of safety switches, including Fortress Interlocks, Mechan Controls, Euchner, Schmersal, Telemecanique and Pilz.

The robust casing adds to a longer lifespan of your safety door components and offers a clear identification point.

safelock for doors
Padlock holes

The SafeLock comes with a padlock adapter. A maximum of 3 padlocks can be placed on the SafeLock during maintenance or to prevent containment.

As long as the padlocks are applied, the door cannot be closed or locked.

troax safelock on a double door
Sustainable solution

The SafeLock ensures a longer life for your safety switches. Because the doorstop takes place on the SafeLock, the tongue/actuator of the safety switch is protected.

The protective cover where the switch is placed behind is placed to prevent collision damage.

troax safelock no switch
PLd or PLe

The SafeLock is also available with a standard safety switch

  • SafeLock PLd: Low- medium risk environments
  • SafeLock PLe: High risk environments
  • SafeLock PLd GL:  Low- medium risk environments with a lock
  • SafeLock PLe GL: High risk environments with a lock

Stainless steel fencing
for hygiënic and
corrosive environments

The high-line and competition line of NTF-Aalborg by Troax are hygienic shielding systems made out of stainless steel, designed for both hygiene as well as safety.

The system has open profiles and welded mesh without horizontal surfaces, allowing efficient and hygienic cleaning. This makes the system very suitable for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

Both lines have been tested to resist an impact of 309 Joule and complies with the requirements of the Machine Directive, as the components remain linked to the shielding, even when the system is being disassembled.

  • Available in high-line and competition line
  • Fully AISI 304 or AISI 315
  • T-posts with open profiles
  • Welded without horizontal surfaces
  • Suitable for the food industry
stainless steel safety fencing
ntf troax stainless steel machine guarding
ntf hygienic machine guarding

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