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What are safety
radar systems?

Radar systems make it possible to create cost-effective safety barriers around machines and robots.

Unlike laser scanners are radar systems unresponsive to dust, grit, sparks, temperature differences, etc. The LBK system is suitable for use in PLD (EN / ISO 1384-1) and SIL 2 (EN / IEC 62061) applications.

Insensitive to dust, smoke and steam
Pld according to EN / ISO 13849-1
Up to 6 sensors on 1 controller

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3D radar system for
safety applications

Solutions for acces protection and restart prevention

LBK-C22 controller for
safe radar system

The LBK system consists of a controller and a single or multiple sensors which are easily installed to detect people in and around machines and robots.

The LBK safety system is based on FMCW radar technology, a proven way of detecting movement.

In contrast to detection systems based on laser, infrared or microwaves, the LBK system can determine the distance between a person and the machine real-time.

The LBK system is the better alternative for laser scanners, safety mats and light screens and is entirely insensitive to dust, moist, steam, grit, sparks and temperature differences.

  • 1 LKB-C22 control unit for up to 6 LKB-S01 sensors
  • Suitable for access protection and restart prevention
  • Warning area and safety area
  • Safe detection from 1 to 4m
  • Quick configuration
  • Fully sealed up to IP65
  • Two different detection heights and widths
  • Tilt-detection prevents manipulation
  • Muting built-in (max 3 groups)
inxpect LBK-C22 controller
ics-b01 inxpect fieldbus controller

ICS-B01 Fieldbus controller
for safe radar system

The Fieldbus control unit for the Inxpect safety radar system offers a direct connection to various Ethernet protocols for additional functionality and extensive diagnoses.

The ISC-B01 controller offers the same features as the conventional LBK-C22 controller but with all the benefits that Fieldbus controlled systems has to offer.

The Fieldbus control unit allows the user to program multiple warning zones and safety zones within a single configuration.

For use with AGVs or detecting multiple zones, the Fieldbus controller offers the possibility to make 32 different configurations.

  • 1 ICS-B01 control unit for max 6 LBK-S01 or SBV-01 sensors.
  • Supports Ethernet protocols as CIP Safety and PorfiSafe for extensice diagnoses
  • Suitable for access protection and restart prevention
  • Allows for multiple warning areas and safety areas
  • Up to 32 different configurations
  • Quick configuration
  • Fully sealed up to IP65
  • Built-in muting (max 2 groups)

LBK-S01 smart sensor
for safe radar system

The LBK-S01 smart sensors are easily connected to the (Fieldbus) controller and configured via the supplied software.

Connect up to 6 smart sensors to 1 controller for detecting people in an area of ​​up to 15 x 4 m.

The radar-based safety sensor is insensitive to dust, debris, moisture, sparks or temperature changes, making it ideal for outdoor installations or harsh industrial environments.

  • For use with LBK-C22 control unit
  • Suitable for access protection and restart prevention
  • For machine safety applications up to SIL 2 and PLd Cat. 2
  • Safe detection from 1 to 4m.
  • Quick configuration
  • Fully sealed up to IP65
  • Two different fields of view
  • Tilt-detection prevents manipulation
lbk inxpect radar veiligheid
lbk-s01 sensor steam
Insensitive to steam
lbk-s01 sensor water
Insensitive to water
lbk-s01 sensor dust
Insensitive to dust and grain
sbv inxpect radar veiligheid

SBV-01 dynamic sensor
for safe radar system

The SBV dynamic sensor offers besides a greater safe detection distance of 5 meters also a more accurate range.

The dynamic SBV-01 sensorcan detect operators from 0.5m, making it suitable for use in robot cells and other Cat. 3 applications.

Due to the flexible and adjustable detection angle from 10 to 100 ° and a more accurate range, the SBV-01 is ideal for smaller spaces. The SBV-01 offers all the advantages of a safe radar system like immunity to dust, grit, moisture, sparks and temperature differences.

  • For use with ICS-B01 control unit
  • Suitable for access protection and restart prevention
  • For safety applications up to SIL 2 and PLd Cat. 3
  • Safe detection from 0.5 to 5m
  • Quick configuration
  • Fully sealed up to IP65
  • Adjsutable detection area betwoon 10-100° horizontal and 20° vertical
  • Tilt-detection prevents manipulation
inxpect sbv radar mounting
Flexible mounting
inxpect sbv radar dynamic
Suitable for PLd Cat. 3
inxpect sbv ossd contacts
Safe series wiring wit OSSD

Application examples Inxpect LBK
radar system

3D access prevention

See how the Inxpect radar system protects operators during their work near moving parts of machines.

Restart prevention of a robot

This application demonstrates how the Inxpect radar system provides total safety for operators against accidental lock-ins during maintenance inside a robot cell.

Anti collision safety system

The LBK radar system provides total safety for operators working near overhead cranes, see how!

Zone safety

This application example shows how the Inxpect radar system protects operators working in highly automated environments.

inxpect lbk-s01
plus sign
inxpect lbk c22
plus sign
inxpect lbk software

1 controller for 6 sensors

An LBK radar system consists of an LBK-C22 controller and up to six LBK-01 radar sensors.

The LBK-S01 radar sensor has a detection range from 1.2 meters up to a maximum of 4 meters.

One C-22 controller can control up to six radar motion sensors, with a total range of up to 15 meters.

The sensor i.c.m. with the controller is suitable for use in SIL2 (EN / IEC 62061) and Pld (EN / iSO 13648-1) machine safety applications.

inxpect lbk-x22 controller with lbk-s01 sensors

3 verschillende detectie afstellingen

inxpect lbk width detection
Wide range (LBK-S01 sensor)

Horizontal: 110°
Vertical: 30°

inxpect lbk height detection
Narrow range (LBK-S01 sensor)

Horizontal: 50°
Vertical: 10°

sbv detectieafstand
Flexible range (SBV-01 sensor)

Horizontal: 10-100°
Vertical: 20°

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