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What are
safety sensors?

Safety sensors, also known as contactless safety switches or safety contacts, check the status or position of a door, hatch or other moving object, for safe access.

We supply a wide array of safety sensors for every application and industry.

TüV certified
Ple according to EN/ISO 13849-1
Stainless steel or ABS (plastic)

safety switches

Our range safety sensors offers a solutions for safe position detection in every application 

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MagnaSafe magnetic
safety switches

Mechan MagnaSafe is a very complete product group of contactless magnetically operated safety switches for machine safety applications.

This product group uses Reed contacts in combination with a solid ABS (or INOX) casing. The MagnaSafe switches are easy to install and the 10 mm+ switching interval ensures tolerance in the alignment of doors and hatches.

The switches are ideal for damp, dusty and wash down environments and sealed to IP67 and IP69K. MagnaSafe switches are suitable for usage in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications.

  • Available in ABS and INOX 316
  • Different construction forms, contact options and connection options
  • Competitively priced safety sensor
  • Operation by means of Reed contacts
  • Version for temperatures up to +125 °C
  • Switch up to 2A
mechan controls magnasafe safety sensors ms6
mechan magnasafe serie safety switch
Different construction forms

MagnaSafe safety sensors are available in 6 different construction forms that can be supplied in ABS (plastic) as well as INOX 316.

In addition, MagnaSafe is also available in a high temperature version which is suitable for applications up to +125 °C.

stainless steel safety door sensors mechan controls
Plug connection or pre-wired

MagnaSafe switches are available with a plug connection, 10cm pigtail or pre-wired in 3m, 6m or 10m.

MagnaSafe safety switches are available with 1 or 2 safety contacts and in both a AC and DC variant.

cylindrical safety switch
Cylindrical switch

Cylindrical safety switches can easily be built-in or concealed in doorposts and panels.

This design is particularly suitable for well-aligned doors and hygienic environments.

mechan controls he safety switch

HE series magnetically coded
safety switches

The HE series contactless switches of Mechan Controls operates by means of both magnetism and electronics. This technology prevents manipulation and has a significant switching interval and is, as such, very suitable for poorly aligned doors or hatches.

In addition, hybrid switches are very well resistant to moist and vibrations. By optionally making use of the SCU controller, Mechan supplies a total solution for the protection of machines without running down time. HE switches are suitable for usage in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications.

  • Available in ABS and INOX 316
  • Dual Colour LED status indication
  • Very good resistance to vibrations
  • Useable with and without the SCU controller
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Use the HED switch to monitor two doors with only one switch
mechan he serie safety switch
Stainless steel or ABS (plastic)

The HE series safety sensors are available in 6 different construction forms that can be supplied in ABS (plastic) as well as INOX 316.

HE switches are known for their excellent resistance to vibration and are provided with a status LED.

safety sensors double door
1 switch for 2 doors

With the Mechan HED safety switch, it is the possible to secure two adjacent doors or hatches with only one single switch.

The HED switch is available in a ABS (plastic) or INOX 316 variant.

mechan scu controller
SCU controller

Safety switches from the HE-series are to be used with their own safety controller or SCU controller.

The SCU makes it possible to safely connect a maximum of 30 safety switches. The LEDs show the status of the safety switches and the voltage.

S series frequency controlled
safety switches

The Mechan S product group of electronic stand-alone contactless safety switches is designed for use in combination with any type safety relay.

S Safety switches make use of Mechan's unique frequency-based switching system which prevents manipulation or bridging of the safety switch. Another feature of this technology is the quite accurate switching interval and extreme reliability.

  • To be used in combination with any type of safety relay
  • Very reliable technique based on frequency
  • Very accurate switching interval
  • Different connections, designs and contact options are available
  • Can be used as a coded safety switch in accordance with EN14119
mechan controls s safety sensors
electronic safety switch
Electronically coded

The S series safety switches work on a frequency-based switching system, designed by Mechan, in which case the switches cannot be manipulated.

​Mechan S series of switches can be used as a "coded" safety switch in accordance with EN 14119.

mechan ss-c safety sensor
Accurate switching interval

One of the features of these frequency-based safety switches is the highly accurate switching distance (hysteria) of 10mm.

stand alone safety sensors
Stand alone

In addition to having various connections, the Mechan Controls S series of safety switches offer the advantage that they can be connected to any type of safety controller.

mechan controls rss safety sensors

RSS series RFID
gecodeerde stand alone

Mechan RSS safety sensors are high coded by making use of RFID transponder technology, in order to prevent manipulation.

In contrast to other RFID, the market uses the RSS range voltage-free contacts instead of OSSD contacts, so the switch can also be used as stand-alone.

  • To be used in combination with any type of safety relay through volt free contacts
  • Sealed to IP67 and IP69k
  • 4,000,000 unique codings
  • Type 4 coding according to EN14119
  • Different connections, designs and contact options available
rfid stand alone safety switches mechan rss
High coded type 4 switch

By making use of transponder technology (RFID), all RSS safety switches are uniquely coded.

​As a result, Mechan Controls RSS safety switches can be used as a Type 4 "high coded" safety switch and 14119.

rfid stainless steel safety sensor rss-g
RFID safety sensor in stainless steel

RFID uniquely coded safety switches in stainless steel 316 prevent manipulation and guarantee maintenance-free and safe use under most harsh industrial conditions, including corrosive environments, chemical processes and hygienic areas.

mechan rss door contacts with rfid
Upgrade your safety

Easily increase your machine safety by exchanging your magnetic safety sensors with the uniquely coded RSS safety sensors

​RSS switches are available in 5 construction forms and are all provided with a status LED.

O series RFID coded
OSSD safety sensors

The O Series products combine more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing safety switches for machine guards with the latest safety technology.

Due to the unique design, up to 30 O-series switches can be placed in series while maintaining the highest safety class PLe.

  • Coded (black) and uniquely coded (yellow) available
  • Double channel OSSD safety contacts (max 2A)
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Dual RGB status LEDs (visible from multiple sides)
  • Approachable from 3 sides
  • Sealed to IP67 and IP69K
  • External device monitoring (EDM)
mechan controls ossd safety sensors
Mechan O-Type safety sensor in series with OSSD contacts
Safety in series

The O-series safety switches have OSSD contacts and work based on RFID transponder technology so that up to 30 switches can be placed in series while maintaining the highest safety category (PLe according to EN / ISO 13849-1)

O-Type Mechan Controls safety switch with external device monitoring EDM
External device monitoring

OHE1 and ODNK safety switches can be used with a function called EDM (external device mounting). This means that you can monitor the status of switches and safety relays to detect a failure of the external device, this eliminates the need for a safety monitoring controller.

Mechan O-Type non-contact safety switch with RFID
Compact design

The O-series safety sensors have a very compact design with rounded corners for easy mounting at any location.

Because Mechan Controls has opted for a mounting distance of 22mm (an industry standard), traditional switches can easily be replaced by an intelligent O-series variant.

safety system products safix1

Safix 1 RFID coded
OSSD safety switch

SaFix 1 RFID safety sensors make use of the latest RFID technology, as a result of which up to 80 switches can be connected in daisy chain without significant loss of response time.

SAFIX 1 switches are easy to install on existing safety relays or PLCs.

  • Available as a highly encrypted (re-teachable) switch in accordance with EN ISO 14119.
  • 80 switches in series without loss of safety through OSSD
  • Uses just one single signal for diagnosis
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Status indication with clear multi-colour LED
  • Connect directly with a M12 8pin plug
  • Very small actuator available for mounting on doors and shutters with a narrow radius
ssp safix 1 safety contacts
High coded & reteachable

Safix 1 switches can be used as a high coded encrypted switch in accordance with and 14119. Safix 1 switches work on transponder technology (RFID) where every set ( switch + actuator) is uniquely coded. In order to still be able to replace actuators, the switches can be connected to a new actuator by means of a ‘teach module’.

safix 1 safety switches with LED
Mini actuator

For doors or hatches with a small radius, the Safix 1 is also available with a very compact actuator.

safix 1 safety switches in daisy-chain
OSSD contacts

The OSSD contacts in the Safix 1 make it possible to connect up to 80 switches in daisy chain without loss of the safety function.

Safix 3 RFID coded
compact OSSD
safety switch

The SAFIX 3 RFID safety sensor has a very compact design with a mounting hole distance of only 22mm.

The sensor can be approached from the front or from both sides. Safix 3 is available in high or low coding and with different connection options.

  • Available as high coded (re-teachable) switch in accordance with EN ISO 14119.
  • 30 switches in daisy-chain without loss of safety through OSSD
  • Sealed to IP69K
  • Status indication through 3 colour LEDs
  • Available with fixed cable or pigtail M12 plug connection
  • ECOLAB certified
ssp safety system products safix 3
safix 3 safety sensor 22mm mounting distance OSSD
22mm mounting distance

The very compact Safix 3 switch has a mounting distance of just 22mm, as a result of which it is ideal for usage in applications with little space or small hatches and doors.

ecolab contactless safety switches ip69k ip67
ECOLAB certified

Safix 3 switches are Ecolab certified, which means that these are suitable for usage in environments that are cleaned by use of the most common acids and alkaline cleaning- and disinfection agents.

safix 3 safety switch with safe daisy-chaining
Series connection

The OSSD contacts in the Safix 3 make it possible to connect up to 30 switches in daisy chain without loss of the safety function.

steute ex safety sensors

Steute Ex Explosion proof
magnetic safety switches

Steute Extreme products are developed and certified for usage in the heaviest applications worldwide (e.g. ATEX, EICEx, GOST).

  • Available in different sizes
  • Versions available for extreme temperatures
  • Different sizes available
  • Stainless steel cylindrical sensor available
  • Different contact settings and cable lengths
  • Detection through coded Hall sensors
steute atex safety sensor
For every Ex zone

Steute has a very complete range with safety sensors for every Ex zone.

steute explosion proof stainless steel safety sensors
Explosion proof in stainless steel

In addition to an ABS (plastic) version, Steute Ex safety sensors are also available in a cylindrical stainless steel 316 version for use in corrosive and hygienic environments.

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