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What is the
Safety Simplifier?

Safety Simplifier is a completely new approach to safety.

This wireless user-friendly system is ideal for controlling your machine safety components, such as door switches, sensors and light curtains and providing them directly with push buttons and/or emergency stops.

Wireless safety PLC
Ple according to EN/ISO 13849-1
Fully modular design

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Safety Simplifier wireless safety control

Designing a safety system for machines and plants has never been this easy.

The patented Safety Simplifier system provides you a wireless flexible plug & play solution for machine safety.

  • modular design (add push buttons and emergency stops)
  • Safe wireless or CAN network
  • 14 safe I/O's
  • 2 safety outputs
  • Up to 16 modules per network (246 I/O's)
  • Two-way communication
  • Suitable for SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications.
  • OSSD outputs
safety simplifier wifi plc

Application example wireless safety control

Application safety simplifier safety plc

Control cabinet

Machine unit with integrated safety PLC

Door control

Control of the safety interlock

Light curtain and override

Evaluation of the OSSD signals from the muting and additional control

Easy programming

Everyone can program, with the included simplifier software. Easily select the desired functions and conditions for every unit.

Programming the safety functions is easy using the supplied software. The function blocks for e.g. light curtains, safety switches and emergency stops are supplied as standard.

The distribution of these safety functions can be organized on different pages through the software.

The properties can be configured per function field in the inspection screen.

  • Safe time
  • Drag & drop functies
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke interface
  • Standaard functie modules voor snel programmeren
  • Connect wirelessly to the SRM stick or via the USB input
  • On-line mode for live diagnosis
programming a safety plc

Standard LED touch screen

The LED touchscreen shows the status of the unit and all other units connected (nodes).

Select the information you wish to see, simply by clicking the home button.

  • The number of this unit and the function.
  • Communication status and quality of the signal.
  • Voltage and voltage of the other units.
  • On/Off status of the I/O's in the network.
  • Safety functions of this unit and the other units in the network.

Obviously, the abovementioned functions can also be retrieved wirelessly or via a USB-connection.

safety simplifier LED touch screen
safety plc with control unit

A safety system in a control unit

De Safety Simplifier maakt het eenvoudig om veiligheidsfuncties toe te voegen aan bestaande en nieuwe veiligheidssystemen.

Selecteer eenvoudig de benodigde functie, zoals deurschakelaar, deurvergrendeling, of ontgrendeling met een tijdsvertraging en verbindt deze met de veiligheidsuitgangen van het veiligheidssysteem of direct op de machinebesturing.

Eigenschappen van de Safety Simplifier

Max. 5 control elements

IP65 sealed

Exchangeable lenses

Push buttons

LED diagnosis with touchpad operation

USB port and safe CAN connection

safety system products safety simplifier

14 I/O's as safety-inputs or OSSD outputs

4 relays for 2x double safety contacts

Memory card with application software

Wireless interface for communication, programming and diagnosis

Example application of a

processing machine + robot

This application shows a processing machine that is automated by use of a handling robot.

Using the Safety Simplifier system, only 3 de-central units are required for the monitoring and evaluation of all safety functions.

As such, the traditional safety PLC and the control cabinet entirely expire.

Additional advantage is that extra doors or an extra robot can easily (wirelessly) be added to the system.

Also the reprogramming or adjustment of the functionality can be done wirelessly via the included dongle and software.

wireless wifi safety plc example

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