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Safe Robot Palletizer Environment

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Safe Robot Palletizer Environment

Machine safety in logistics & distribution and the food & beverage industry

Access to palletizers should be prevented while the palletizer is in operation and while carrying loads. In the example below, the robot has two access points and one control panel.

After the power is isolated, the solenoid from the key-switch gets de-energized and the access keys are released. The fully mechanical door locks are opened with these access keys. The door interlock is provided with a personal security key which must be taken with you into the robot cell (mandatory key removal) to prevent a restart in accordance with ISO 14118.

Troax machine guarding has been developed to safeguard robots and has been tested to withstand an impact of 1600 Joule.

Restart prevention according to ISO 14118

Fully modular machine guarding

TüV certified to SIL3, Cat.4 and PLe

beveiligen van pallatizers
Solenoid controlled key switch View Product range
Door interlock with safety key
View Product range
Door interlock with safety key
View Product range
After the machine is released, the two access keys can be removed. Turning the keys will switch the safety contacts.
The access keys are used to unlock the doors.
The operator has to remove the safety key, before the gate can be opened. This key prevents entrapment.
Enkel wanneer de deur weer gesloten is en de veiligheidssleutel terug is ingevoerd kan de toegangssleutel weer worden uitgenomen.
When both access keys have been re-entered into the key switch, the machine can be restarted.
Machine guarding prevents physical access to operational machines.

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Key switch
Safety key switch for a safe shut-down of the installation without a run-down-time.

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Door interlock with safety key
For the safe opening of doors and hatches and the prevention of entrapment hazards

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amGard Pro
Modular safety door switches and interlocks for heavy duty applications.

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Machine Guarding
Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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