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Safe Conveyor System

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Safe Conveyor System

Machine safety in logistics & distribution and the food & beverage industry

Conveyor systems need to be enclosed by machine guarding to protect operators against entrapment and to avoid process interference as much as possible.

Access can be required to clear blockages, or during maintenance and cleaning activities. By using safety interlocks at the doors, access is only possible after the power supply is isolated and the run down time has elapsed. By adding controls to the safety switch it is possible operate access request, reset and e-stop directly at the door. Including an escape release mechanism allows any operator to exit to guarded area if needed.

tGard allows for including access request, reset and e-stop to be configurated in one safety interlock.

Total solutions for controlled access

Escape release provides additional safety

Standardized mounting plates for all our safety switches

Safety Interlock
Safety switch with locking device with an emergency release and push buttons for access requests and resets.View Product range
Machine Guarding Machine guarding provides a safe barrier between the protected and unprotected area. Machine guarding can only be disassembled with special tools from the inside and is impact tested up to 1600J.
View Product range
By pushing the pushbutton on the safety switch, you request access. After the run-out time of the conveyor system is expired, the magnetic coil will be energized. Then the door can be opened.
The safety switch is equipped with an emergency release. This means that it can be used at any time (even with a locked safety switch). To open the door from the inside, in the event of an emergency.
As long as the door is open, the double safety contacts make sure that the machine cannot be started.

Products used in this application

Modular aluminium safety switch

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Machine Guarding
Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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