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Safeguarding a Rollercoaster

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Safeguarding a rollercoaster

Machine safety in the theme park industry

The trapped key interlocks from Fortress Interlocks are widely used on machines and processes in various industries, but is it possible to secure a roller coaster with a trapped key system? Definitely! Since last year, the newest roller coaster “UNTAMED” in Walibi Holland has been secured with the trapped key system from Fortress Interlocks.

The increasing safety requirements for new attractions require a robust and reliable security system. By applying the Trapped key interlock system it is made impossible for Walibi Holland maintenance personnel to enter the danger zone when the attraction hasn’t been secured in advance.

At the invitation of Wiebe Damstra (Project Manager Walibi Holland) Unique Safety Products has implemented the solution to realize the safety of this roller coaster.

The solution is very accessible but extremely reliable, says Wiebe Damstra: “The Fortress Interlocks trapped key system has proven itself. We will therefore use these products more often for future attractions ”.

The application works as follows:

Rollercoaster UNTAMED in Walibi Holland

Trapped Key System

Safe Access

Safeguarding a Rollercoaster
Power Isolation Key Switch
Releasing the Isolation key will isolate power from the ride
Inserting the green key will releasy any blue keys
Gate Interlock
Key Exchange Unit
The green power isolation key is trapped until all blue access keys are returned
The blue access key is trapped until the yellow safety key is returned
Blue access keys are inserted to release the yellow safety keys and allow the door to be open
Workers holding yellow safety keys to prevent being locked in

Products used in this application

Key switch
Safety key switch for a safe shut-down of the installation without a run-down-time.

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Key exchange unit
For isolating multiple energy sources or accessing multiple doors.

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Door interlock
Door interlock to safely open doors and hatches.

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