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Safety Systems for
Slitting Lines

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Safety Systems for
Slitting Lines

Machinesafety in the metal & aluminium industry

Slitting lines in the metal processing industry require multiple safety measures to protect operators such as guarding, safety interlocks, light curtains and grab wires.

By integrating the electro-mechanical safety components with the FRANK access and control system (Ethernet connected) safe access to the slitting line can be obtained through personal (RFID) badges. The FRANK controller can manage the access authorisation based on role or training level. For productivity analysis FRANK can additionally give insight on access frequency and access duration.

FRANK access control manages authorisation of operators using your own badge system

Safety switches with integrated badge readers

Control and integrate safety light curtains using Ethernet controller

Manages access based on skill level or role

Slitterlijnen beveiligen applicatie voorbeeld
amGard pro range with FRANK Use your ID card to access the guarded area. The FRANK system will check which employees have access and who is present in the zone.View Product range
amGard Pro range controls met FRANK Determine by using an ID card and FRANK who has access to operate the HMI. Easily add controls for machine operation.View Product range
Light curtains for body-detection Multi-beam light curtains detect your employees and generate a machine stop.View Product range
Machine Guarding Modular and impact tested machine guarding that complies with the machinery directive. View Product range

Products used in this application

amGard Pro
Modular safety door switches and interlocks for heavy duty applications.

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FRANK Access Control
ProNet access control-system by use of your existing ID badges.

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Machine Guarding
Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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Light Curtains
Light curtains to detect people entering guarded areas with machines and installations.

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