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Unique Safety Products implements machine safety products
for various applications.

Our sales engineers are happy to help you select and implement the application that suits your industry and machinery.

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Below you will find a number of implemented applications
in various industries. 


during a Product Inspection

Automated guarded production lines require frequent inspections to...

Safeguarding a Rollercoaster

The trapped key interlocks from Fortress Interlocks are widely used on machines...

Safe Conveyor System

Conveyor systems need to be enclosed by machine guarding to protect operators...

Safety Systems for
Slitting Lines

Slitting lines in the metal processing industry require multiple safety measures to protect...

Machine Safety with Double Door Scenes

Some guarded areas of production lines require the use of double doors, where an operator...

Safe Robot Palletizer Environment

Access to palletizers should be prevented while the palletizer is in operation and while...

Guarding a Welding
Robot Cell

Prevent an unwanted restart by having each operator take a safety key with them into the...

Guarding a Double Backer Corrugator

By using safety keys with mandatory key removal, the risk of entrapment can be...

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