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Interview Intech installatieburo BV

Since 2016, Intech Installatieburo BV, a leading industrial automation company, has been working closely together with Unique Safety Products (USP). During these years, Intech Installatieburo has completed many automation projects in which safety always comes first.

In this interview, Franc van den Berg, owner of Intech Installatieburo, shares his insights on their long-standing partnership with USP, the role of safety products in their projects, and the benefits of Fortress’ robust locks. We get an insight into the world of industrial automation and the essential safety measures involved.

‘Besides the high-quality Fortress locks we purchase for our security fencing, we are also very satisfied with the personal advice and support we receive from USP!’

About Intech Installatieburo BV

Intech Installatieburo is a company focused on industrial automation. They review the current situation with the customer to determine which processes can be automated and how best to achieve this. Intech Installatieburo’s team of 22 specialists then takes care of the full implementation of these automation projects.

The team includes a hardware engineer who makes the electrical drawings, a team of electricians who build and install control cabinets at customers’ premises and a group of mechanical engineers who are responsible for designing machines, grippers for robotic arms, chain conveyors, conveyors and other components. In addition, the company has its own workshop where all necessary parts are manufactured.

When electrical and machinery are combined, this also involves PLC programmers. They ensure that the computers are programmed in such a way that the machines and robots do exactly what is needed.

Intech Installatieburo has all the specialism to always deliver the projects they work on completely finished and ready to use.

What products do you purchase from Unique Safety Products?

When creating a machine, we have to comply with machinery directives, which means the machine must be designed to be as safe as possible, says Franc van den Berg. It is additionally necessary with almost all machines to shield them with customised fencing. This prevents employees from accidentally sticking a hand or finger in the machine, or worse. That is why we supply our machines including a complete range of robust customised safety fencing.

A security fence is basically a steel structure, but often electrical engineering is needed to get permission to open the fence. This means controlled shutdown of the underlying machine or robot, which must be programmed in the safety PLC.

We often use Fortess locks on these security fences, and that’s where Unique Safety Products came around the corner for us!

Fortress’ line of locks became increasingly popular with our customers because of their robustness. We mostly work in industries where it is all quite rough-and-tumble, think for example the brick industry, roof tile factories, pallet industry, paper industry, manufacturers of plasterboard, fibreboards etc. In addition, the fencing and locks are often used and need to be able to take a beating.

How did you end up at USP?

It started when our customers asked for a more robust lock than the electric locks we often use. We then started looking for an alternative and ended up with Fortress’ safety switches and then ended up with USP through them. 

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What makes you continue to choose
USP as a supplier?

Besides the high-quality Fortress locks we purchase for our robust customised safety fencing, we are also delighted with the personal advice and support we receive from USP. Rick de Jonge, our field contact, is always there for us. Whether by phone consultation, an on-site visit, or visiting the customer, Rick is always there to help us. Together, we consider which configuration best suits the customer’s specific situation. In short, we greatly appreciate the expertise and advice we receive from USP.