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Improved Safety and Efficiency with Lockout-Tagout Shadow Boards

An important aspect of effective LOTO implementation is organizing and storing the necessary Lockout-Tagout equipment. This is where Lockout-Tagout Shadow Boards come into play. These visual boards provide an organized and structured solution for tidying up padlocks, safety tags, and lockout devices, significantly enhancing the safety and efficiency of Lockout-Tagout procedures.

The Benefits of Lockout-Tagout Shadow Boards

Increased Safety Awareness

Lockout tagout shadow bord

Ontwerpvoorbeeld van een schaduwbord gemaakt door Unique Safety Products, inclusief een whiteboard van Macrovector op Freepik.

Organized LOTO Equipment
One of the key advantages of shadow boards is the organized storage of Lockout-Tagout materials. Shadow boards feature specific contours, also known as shadows, hooks, or compartments for LOTO equipment such as padlocks, lockout hasps, safety tags and labels, and various electrical lockout devices.

By assigning a fixed location for each item on the board, the chances of misplacement, loss, or forgetting important Lockout-Tagout items are significantly reduced.

Improved Visibility and Recognition
The visual aspects of Lockout-Tagout shadow boards contribute to the visibility and recognition of Lockout-Tagout equipment. By utilizing clear layouts, different colors, and labels, employees can quickly and easily identify the tools they need at any given moment. This minimizes search and wait times, saving valuable time during maintenance and cleaning operations.

Safety Compliance
The use of Lockout-Tagout shadow boards contributes to compliance with safety regulations and standards. By storing each padlock, tag, or lockout device in the designated place on the shadow board, all necessary items are ensured to be available when needed. This promotes consistency in the use of Lockout-Tagout procedures and minimizes the chances of errors or omissions.

Efficiency and Time Saving
With a well-organized Lockout-Tagout shadow board, employees can quickly and easily find and retrieve the required tools. This saves precious time during the preparation and execution of Lockout-Tagout procedures. Additionally, the structured storage allows for easy and prompt repositioning of tools after use, ensuring their availability for future needs.

Training and Awareness
The use of Lockout-Tagout shadow boards enhances employees’ safety awareness by providing constant visual reminders to follow Lockout-Tagout procedures, use correct tools, and adhere to safety standards. This contributes to a safer work environment and minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

Customizable Shadow Boards in Your Corporate Identity
Shadow boards are used in various work environments, from factories and workshops to warehouses. Our shadow boards are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of different spaces and organizations. Whether you need a compact 60×90 cm variant or a larger board of 180×300 cm, there is always a suitable size available.

We design shadow boards in standard colors such as red, yellow, and black, but it is also possible to customize the board to match your company’s colors and corporate identity.

We offer standard shadow boards with padlocks from Abus, Brady, and Master Lock brands. However, you also have the freedom to choose the materials to be placed on the board according to your preferences.

Shadow boards are an excellent solution for creating order and overview in the work environment. With different sizes, customizable colors, high-quality padlocks, and the ability to determine the shadows according to your own preferences, shadow boards provide a practical and professional way to keep tools and other items organized.

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