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Optimize safety with CIP Safety or PROFIsafe.

Optimize safety with CIP Safety or PROFIsafe

Advanced network safety switches with integrated Ethernet protocols PROFINET and Ethernet/IP help ensure safety and control access to hazardous machinery or processes. These innovative solutions utilize modern technologies to integrate safety monitoring and control into industrial networks.

The amGard Pro Network Safety Switches with Ethernet/IP & CIP Safety or PROFINET & PROFIsafe from Fortress Safety offer an advanced and integrated approach to machine safety. These safety switches provide reliable performance, flexibility, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. They assist businesses in improving safety, ensuring regulatory compliance, and optimizing operational efficiency.


Ethernet/IP & CIP safety

Using safety switches with network options, offer several benefits. Firstly, it enables real-time information exchange between interlocks and other devices, such as emergency stop systems, safety PLCs, and monitoring systems, within the network. This allows businesses to receive immediate feedback on safety signals and status information, resulting in faster response in case of emergencies.

Additionally, employing Ethernet-integrated safety switches leads to significant savings in cabling. Not only are data cables themselves more cost-effective, but fewer cables are also required.

Safety switches with PROFIsafe

Network safety switches with PROFIsafe utilize the PROFINET protocol, which is widely used in industrial automation. By integrating safety functions with the existing PROFINET network, companies can enhance safety without implementing additional infrastructure.

PROFINET is an open standard Ethernet-based communication protocol used for transmitting data in industrial automation applications. It provides real-time communication and integration of various devices, such as PLCs, I/O modules, drives, and sensors, into a single network. With PROFINET, data can be exchanged rapidly and reliably between these devices, enabling seamless communication and coordination of processes.

What is PROFIsafe?
PROFIsafe is a safety extension of PROFINET that enables the integration of safety functions into the PROFINET network. It is a certifiable technology that complies with international safety standards, allowing for reliable communication of safety-related data between safety devices and control systems. With PROFIsafe, companies can implement safety functionality without the need for separate safety networks, reducing complexity and costs.

Safety switches with CIP Safety

Ethernet/IP and CIP Safety are communication protocols that enable the integration of safety functionality into industrial networks. With network safety switches based on these protocols, companies can achieve a high level of machine safety while benefiting from standardized and reliable communication.

With CIP Safety, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) combined with safety functionality. By utilizing the well-known Ethernet communication standard, network interlocks can be seamlessly integrated with existing automation systems. This allows for an efficient and cost-effective implementation without the need for separate safety networks.

What is Ethernet/IP?
Ethernet/IP is an Ethernet-based communication protocol used for data exchange between various devices in industrial networks. It uses the well-known TCP/IP technology and enables real-time data transmission. Ethernet/IP is widely used in the industry and allows for seamless integration of devices such as PLCs, sensors, drives, and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces).

amgard pro with cip safety

What is CIP Safety?
CIP Safety (Common Industrial Protocol Safety) is a safety extension of the CIP protocol, which forms the basis for Ethernet/IP. It is a standardized protocol developed to integrate safety functions into industrial networks. CIP Safety uses Ethernet/IP as the underlying communication protocol and enables reliable and real-time exchange of safety-related data between various safety devices and control systems.

Ethernet/IP and CIP Safety offer extensive diagnostic capabilities. Real-time safety information is collected and transmitted to the control system, enabling operators to quickly respond to safety incidents or malfunctions. This helps companies optimize their operational efficiency and minimize downtime.

AmGard Pro Safety Switches with Network options

amGard Pro Network Safety Switches from Fortress Safety are designed to meet the strictest safety standards and regulations. They feature advanced safety functions such as interlocks, key switch interlocks, and safety switches. These features ensure that only authorized personnel have access to hazardous machinery or processes, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

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