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Compact heavy duty safety interlocks

Compact heavy duty safety interlocks

Atom compact heavy duty safety interlock

The ATOM lockable safety switches is resistant up to no less than 7,500 N tensile force and has a very large alignment tolerance of 7.5mm in every direction.

The casing is robust and manufactured entirely from steel with INOX 316 contact areas.

This very compact safety switch is provided with OSSD contacts and offers a choice between a M12 5 pin or a 8 pin plug connection, the ATOM is suitable for usage in and ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PLe (SIL3) applications and is 3rd party approved door TÜV SUD.

  • Robust steel casing with 316 stainless steel contact areas (IP67)
  • Fitted with OSSD contacts
  • Very compact lockable safety switch
  • Choice from M12 5 pin, 2 pieces M12 5 pin or 8 pin plug connection
  • Multi-colour status LED
  • Ball-shaped actuator with very large alignment tolerance
  • Integrated high coded RFID switch (prevents manipulation)
fortress atom safety switches

Question about Atom?

Do you want to be sure that the Atom compact heavy duty safety interlock is the right solution for your application?

7500N tensile force

The conical-shaped INOX 316 actuator can resist a tensile force of 7,500 N with an alignment tolerance of 7.5mm in every direction.

The open design of the INOX head ensures trouble-free functioning in dusty, gritty and corrosive environments.

Status LED

By using a multi-color LED on the bottom, the status of the safety switch can be easily read.

  • red: door locked
  • yellow: door unlocked (but closed)
  • green: door open


By providing the ATOM with a high coded RFID safety switch, it can be used as a high coded interlock in accordance with EN14119.

For every type of door

Atom safety interlocks are available with 4 different operating tongues, making the switch suitable for mounting on any type of door, including sliding doors and hinged doors with a small radius.

OSSD contacts

The ATOM safety switch is fitted with OSSD contacts and 2 pieces M12 5 pin plug connections, as a result of which the switches can easily be connected in daisy-chain without loss of the safety function.

Padlock lockable

When the Atom safety switch is mounted sideways, it is possible to attach a padlock through the head to prevent entrapment. During, for example, maintenance.

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