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Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanners

What is a safety laser scanner?

Safety laser scanners are used for machine safety applications up to SIL2 / PLd where a predefined zone must be guarded.

Laser scanners can be used up to SIL2 / PLd applications for entrance detection, person detection, collision avoidance and object avoidance.

Suitable for AGVs

Pld according to EN / ISO 13849-1

Safety zones up to 5m

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UAM-05LP safety laser scanner with a safety zone up to 5m

The Hokuyo UAM-05LP for SIL2 and PLd machine safety applications is the world’s smallest safety laser scanner and weighs only 1kg.

  • Suitable for zone protection or use on AGVs
  • Smallest safety laser scanner in the market; 97 x 90 x 99mm
  • 1 safety zone (max. 5m) and 2 warning zones (20m)
  • Robust steel casing
  • Program up to 32 different environments
  • Detection angle of 270° maximum
  • Dual-zone protection with muting is possible
  • Makes use of OSSD contacts
  • To be programmed using an SD card or USB
  • Distance and intensity output via Ethernet

Dual zone

The UAM-05LP can due to the dual-zone safety protect two hazardous areas independently and simultaneously, this makes it possible to guard two machines with a single laser scanner.

Compact and sturdy

The steel housing and interchangeable lens of the UAM-05LP is ideal for the use in harsh industrial environments.

The laser scanner weighs only 1kg, making it the lightest on the market.

Mute function

Muting makes it possible to filter objects from the detection. This way, for example, the passage of a pallet can take place without being detected by the safety scanner.

Effortlessly program your safety zones

The Hukuyo UAM-05LP is easy to set up with the supplied software.

With the supplied software you can simply draw and safe the detection zones. After which they can be installed on the security scanners via a USB connection or SD card.

The following settings can be programmed:

  • Detection range (Max 270°)
  • Safety zone (Max 5m)
  • Warning zone 1 and 2 (Max 20m)
  • 32 different area’s (for use on AGV’s)
  • Dual zone safety
  • Sensitivity of the scanner
  • Horizontal or vertical montage

Detection angle of 270

Protection zone of max 5m

Warning zone 1

Warning zone 2

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Safety laser scanner with encoder-input

The encoder input on the UAM-05LP makes it possible to adapt the detection zones to the speed of the AGV.

This makes it possible to enlarge the detection zone when the AGV is at a higher speed so that there is enough time for the AGV to come to a stop. When the AGV is back to a lower speed the zones will be reduced again.