Providing Safety

Compact heavy duty ATEX safety switches

ATEX safety switches

Steute Ex safety switches for ATEX environments

Steute Extreme products are designed and certified for use in the most severe applications worldwide (e.g. ATEX, EICEx, GOST).

Steute Ex offers a wide range of safety switches and safety interlocks with both steel and plastic enclosures suitable for use in ATEX environments.

  • Suitable for ATEX zone 1,2, 21 and 22
  • Also available in robust steel housing
  • Various operating modes
  • Available with and without interlock (magnetic coil)
  • Can be used in PLe (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL 3 (EN 62061) applications in combination with safety control.

    Question about Steute Ex?

    Do you want to be sure that the Steute Ex compact heavy duty ATEX 
    safety switch is the right solution for your application?

    EX safety switches

    Steute has a large range of actuated safety switches for extreme conditions.

    In addition to safety switches for explosion-proof (Ex) applications, there are also switches that are resistant to extreme temperatures and wet environments.

    Dust and gas explosions

    The Extreme products from Steute are designed for use in industries and zones where there is a risk of gas and dust explosions. Such as in chemical processes and in fertilizer and animal feeding products.

    Steel or composite housing

    Both the lockable and non-lockable safety switches are available in a composite or a metal casing.

    The Steute Ex safety switches are available with different actuators for hinged and sliding doors and hatches.

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