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Machineguarding for extreme environments

Machineguarding for extreme environments

The collaboration between safety switch manufacturer Fortress Interlocks and machine guarding manufacturer Troax has ensured that a modular system has been developed for access solutions suitable for the most severe industrial conditions.

1600J impact tested

Controlled access in heavy industry

nieuws samenwerking troax en fortress

Impact test 
To demonstrate the unprecedented robustness of this combination, we performed an impact test. We equipped a Troax strong fix door system with 80 × 80 posts with a Fortress Interlocks safety switch from the amGard Pro series which is mounted using standard mounting plates.

Pendulum test method
The test was carried out according to the “pendulum test method” (ISO 14120: 2015 Annex C), where a pendulum of 100 kg hits a door at 1466 mm above the floor surface. By letting the pendulum hit the door at a speed of 20 km/h, 1600 J of energy was reached.

Test results
The result is that the panel, posts and switch have passed the test. The door panel has absorbed the most energy and is of course bent by the impact. The posts and the Fortress Interlocks safety switches are still fully operational and undamaged after this test.

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