Providing Safety
Master Lock
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Master Lock is an American manufacturer of lockout-tagout materials used to keep your people safe during maintenance work on your machines.

With over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing of padlocks , Master Lock is now the largest global manufacturer of padlocks. The products from Master Lock are all designed fully compliant with applicable OSHA standards and are durable, standardised, ruggedised and identifiable. |

Master Lock Products

Master Lock’s range includes safety padlocks, lock multipliers, tags and labels, locks and lockout stations.

Safety padlocks

Padlocks for lockout tagout tryout

Group lock boxes

Group lock boxes for group-lockout

Safety tags and labels

To mark isolation points and activities

Lockout kits

Pre-assembled lockout tagout sets

Lockout hasps

Multi-lockouts for more locks on an isolationpoint

Lockout devices

Lockout devices lock various types of energy sources

Lockout stations

Keep LOTO materials organized