Providing Safety

Modular PROFIsafe safety interlocks

Modular PROFIsafe safety interlocks

amGard Network modular heavy duty PROFIsafe safety interlocks

amGard Network safety switches with integrated Ethernet protocols PROFINET and Ethernet/IP.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the amGard Pro product group with network possibilities. amGard Network offers complete electromechanical safety solutions with PROFIsafe and CIP Safety support and is suitable for use in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications. This product group has been certified by TüV SUD.


  • Suitable and certified for PROFINET and PROFIsafe
  • Suitable and certified for Ethernet/IP and CIP safety
  • Integrate emergency stop and function buttons
  • Resistant to more than 10,000N tensile force
  • Large alignment tolerance of 24 mm
  • The modular nature of the amGard S40 range allows you to design your own configuration
  • Safety keys prevent hazard of entrapment (with or without mandatory key removal)
  • Internal release in one single action
  • Different actuators and handles available
  • Metal casing and INOX contact areas
  • Protection class IP65 and IP67
amgard network safety switch

Question about amGard Network?

Do you want to be sure that the amGard Network modular steel safety switch is the right solution for your application?
save on cabling

Save on cabling

Ethernet integrated safety switches provide significant savings on cabling. In addition to the fact that data cables themselves are much cheaper, less of them are needed.
Ethernet integrated safety switches provide significant savings on cabling. In addition to the fact that data cables themselves are much cheaper, less of them are needed. Each Ethernet switch is equipped with a data IN+OUT and a power IN+OUT connection. This makes it possible to use the ‘daisy chain bus’, which means that both the data and the power can be looped through to the next switch, instead of having to wire each switch back to the control cabinet.

safety sensor buttons

100% diagnosis

Network-controlled safety switches provide the user with full diagnosis of the use of each individual switch. This allows, for example, preventive maintenance to be planned more efficiently or cleaning time to be monitored.

More insight into usage will ultimately lead to less machine downtime.

doorhandle amgard pro

All-in-One solutions

amGard Pro allows you to integrate an access request, reset and emergency stop directly into your Ethernet integrated safety switch. Choose from more than 50 different control buttons and emergency stops and have them permanently laser-engraved.

The modular design also allows easy addition of an emergency release or safety keys to the configuration.

access pas Frank

FRANK Access Control

Unauthorised access to production areas may lead to unnecessary standstill. With FRANK only previously authorised employees will have access to the installation, where already existing ID cards can simply be used.

The FRANK RFID module can easily be added to all amGard configurations with ProfiNet or Ethernet IP. Access can easily be managed through the FRANK controller.


When using a ProfiNet communication module, the safety switch communicates securely via PNIO (ProfiNet Input Output). In addition, the following ProfiNet functions are supported:

  • Complies with PROFINET IO Conformance class B with support for the following mibs: LLDP and MIB-II
  • LLDP is supported (Topology scan)
  • MRP is supported on selected configurations

Ethernet/IP en CIP safety

The Ethernet / IP communication module offers the possibility to turn an amGard Pro safety switch into a distributed IO (input-output) on an Ethernet / IP Network. Safety information gets exchanged via the CIP Safety extension.

Simple daisy-chaining of switches without additional hardware.

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