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Multi gate access control

Multi gate access control

Machine safety in logistics & distribution

Some machines in automated warehouses require an access point in each aisle, which means that an access system must be implemented for multiple doors to allow operators to enter the safeguarded area safely. And this without incurring excessive installation costs.

Cable reduction

Mandatory key removal

Control unit next to the access point

Applicatie Multi gate access

amgard Pro
Heavy Duty switch Heavy duty safety switch
with mandatory key removal

amgard ProNet gate box
Monitoring station on the door
next to the access point

Machine Guarding
Modular and impact-tested machine
fencing that complies with the Machinery Directive.

These access points do not lead directly to the ASRS system and do not need to be EN 528/619 compliant, Fortress has come up with a cheaper solution to install and one that is totally safe for operators and maintenance staff.

Each access point in this application example is equipped with an amGard Pro Heavy Duty safety switch and a network control unit, the amGard ProNet. The network control unit enables control options that are located next to the access point, the switch and control unit are mounted next to each other and connected by a cable.

When entering the restricted area, the door can be opened after a request for access has been made by pressing the “Request to Enter” button on the network control unit. The request is then sent to the PLC. Once access is granted, the actuator can be removed from the interlock head and the door can be opened.

The amGard Pro safety switch is equipped with a safety key with mandatory removal, which ensures that personnel take the key with them into the safeguarded area. Taking the safety key with them avoids the danger of entrapment and unexpected restart.

Products used in this application:

amGard ProNet Gate Box

Control unit with ethernet.

amGard Pro Safety Switch

Modular safety door switches and interlocks for heavy duty applications.

Machine Guarding

Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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