Providing Safety

Your Machine Safety Supplier

Unique Safety Products gives advice, supplies and implements solutions for securing your machines, installations and processes.

All our products and solutions contribute to a safe environment while working with moving machines and hazardous processes. Our products are tested and certified for trouble-free use in harsh industrial conditions.

Safety Switches

Safety switches regulate controlled and safe access to machines and processes.

Safety Sensors

Non-contact safety switches check the status or position of a door, hatch or other moving object for safe access.

Trapped key interlocks

Interlocks are a proven method for the predominantly mechanical safeguarding of machines and processes.


Lockout-Tagout or LOTO is a procedure for working on machines or processes safely and energy-free.

Machine Guarding

Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

Safety Laser Scanners

Area monitoring by means of laser for the protection of a pre-set area or for mounting on AGVs.

Safety Radar

Safety radar scanners are the alternative for laser scanners in areas with dust, moist or smoke.

Process Interlocks

Magnetic interlocks prevent process disruptions on machines without running down time.

Light Curtains

Safety light curtains for optical access detection of operators in machine safety applications.

Enabling Switches

Hold-to-run devices for the safe operation of machines within a guarded zone and/or protected area.

Gate Boxes

Machine controls such as push buttons and e-stop in a single pre-wired enclosure including quick disconnect.

Interlock Blocking Device

Universal retro-fit interlock blocking decive for doors and light curtains to prevent restart of machines.

FRANK Access Control System

ProNet access control-system by use of your existing ID badges.

Valve Interlocks

Mechanical interlocks for locking various types of valves, like handwheel valves and lever-operated valves.

Monitored safety valves

Safety valve with electric monitoring for hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.

Signal lights

Signal lamps or status lights inform users about the status of machines, systems and processes.