Providing Safety

Modular steel safety switches

Modular steel safety switch

amGard Pro modular heavy duty steel safety switches

amGard Pro is a modular safety door switch range, made out of steel. That consists of switches and locks and is applicable to heavy-duty applications.

The modular structure makes it possible to easily design configurations yourself. amGard Pro offers total electromechanical safety solutions suitable for usage in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications. This product range is certified by TüV SUD.

  • From robust switch to all-in-one solution
  • Resistant to more than 10,000N tensile force
  • Large alignment tolerance of 24 mm
  • The modular nature of the amGard S40 range allows you to design your own configuration
  • Safety keys prevent hazard of entrapment (with or without mandatory key removal)
  • Internal release in one single action
  • Different actuators and handles available
  • Metal casing and INOX contact areas
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IP67)
  • Available in ProfiNet and Ethernet IP implementation
Amgard pro safety switch big picture

Question about amGard Pro?

Do you want to be sure that the amGard Pro modular heavy duty steel safety switch is the right solution for your application?

200,000 unique key codes

Use safety keys to prevent the hazard of entrapment. amGard pro also offers the possibility for a EK key adapter with mandatory key removal for additional safety.


The CL locking mechanism in the amGard pro product group has more than 200,000 unique codings and 3,000 different master series. In addition, the keycodes are stored per end user and provided with a engraving.

Integrate push buttons and an emergency stop

amGard Pro makes it possible to integrate access request, reset and emergency stop directly into your safety switch. 


Choose from more than 50 different control buttons and emergency stops and have them designed with a permanent laser engraving.

Internal release in one single action

The EI door handle makes it possible to, in one action, unlock the amGard Pro safety lock directly from the inside.

The full metal door handle is able to resist 10,000N tensile force and has a very large alignment tolerance of 24 mm.

> 10,000N tensile force

The entire stainless steel head and actuator provide the amGard pro switches with unparalleled robustness. No switch on the market functions better in severe industrial conditions.


amGard pro is able to resist more than 10,000N tensile force in combination with a large alignment tolerance. The modular structure also ensures that, in case of a defect, only one single module needs to be replaced.

Easy installation

Use the amGard pro mounting brackets for quick and easy installation of the safety switches on your fencing.


Apart from the standard mounting brackets, also assembly sets for Troax and Axelent shielding are directly available from stock.

Entirely mdoular

Fortress amGard Pro safety switches are fully modular, providing flexibility and saving on replacements.


The separate modular parts make it possible to replace only the head module or the safety switch in the event of a defect, without having to replace the entire configuration.

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