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Modular RVS safety switches

Modular RVS safety switches

amGard S40 modular heavy duty INOX safety switches

amGard S40 modular safety switches are manufactured entirely from INOX 316 and suitable for extreme conditions.

The 40 mm casing perfectly fits on the uprights of almost all common guards and can be expanded by use of push buttons, key adapters and an internal release.

The modular structure makes it possible for you to easily compile configurations. amGard S40 offers total electromechanical safety solutions, suitable for usage in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications.

  • Entirely INOX 316 (IP69K)
  • From robust switch to all-in-one solution
  • Resistant to more than 10,000N tensile force
  • Large alignment tolerance of 24 mm
  • The modular nature of the amGard S40 range allows you to design your own configuration
  • Safety keys prevent hazard of entrapment (with or without mandatory key removal)
  • Integrate an emergency stop, access request and reset
  • Ergonomic INOX operation handle

Question about amGard S40?

Do you want to be sure that the amGard modular RVS 
safety switch is the right solution for your application?

saftey key is mandatory for amgard s40

Prevent entrapment

The safety keys and locks in the amGard S40 product group are made entirely from 316 stainless steel.​

​The CLS locking mechanism in the amGard S40 product group has more than 200,000 unique codings and 3,000 different master series. In addition, the keycodes are stored per end user and provided with an engraving.

Safety switch rvs green

Ergonomic door handle

The INOX 316 HS door handle is ideal for hinged doors and offers a large alignment tolerance of 24 mm.

amGard S40 safe door switches can be equipped with a variety of actuators, including a sliding bolt, fixed operating tongue or a door handle.

All amGard S40 configurations can resist a tensile force of more than 10,000 N.

outside of amgard s40

IP69K safety switch

amGard S40 is designed for usage in the food industry, extreme (corrosive) conditions and for outdoor use.

All electric components of amGard S40, such as the safety switch, magnetic coil and push buttons are sealed to IP69K.

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