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FRANK Access Control

FRANK Access Control

What is FRANK Access Control?

Unauthorised access to production environments may lead to unnecessary standstill of machines.

Using FRANK, only previously authorised employees can get access to the installation, simply using the already existing ID cards.

ProfiNet of CIP safety

Pld / Ple according to EN/ISO 13849-1

Access with RFID badges

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With FRANK you manage all activities in protected areas.

Without the registration of events, often it is not possible to determine the cause of a machine standstill and take subsequent action.

This can make it difficult to identify who entered the protected zone and how long it takes to resolve the problem.

FRANK software registers the access and access times, which ensures a better productivity analysis. It also provides a better insight as to when preventive maintenance can be best carried out. FRANK can also be used for the monitoring of inspections and taking samples.

Full access control

Insight in your productivity

Simple integration with our safety switches

Integrating access control systems into existing industrial networks and door switches can be a complicated operation. External card readers are often not sufficiently robust for industrial applications. Besides, additional cabling, network interfaces and reprogramming of the PLCs are always required.

FRANK is fully integrated in our existing amGard Pro product group of robust safety switches. As such, additional cabling, interfaces with IT networks and reprogramming of the PLC’s can be avoided.

Using just a single and easy industrial controller, FRANK controls the access and provides a few simple inputs for the existing PLC for this, just like a push button.

With the master controller, access control can be managed per badge/employee. The web-based dashboard also provides full insight into productivity and provides data that can be used for, for example, more efficient (preventive) machine maintenance.

FRANK system architecture

In contrast to other access control systems, FRANK system is very easy to integrate in your current control.

The FRANK controller monitors the authorisation of the employee when they present their ID card.

If the employee is authorised, the inputs will be processed by the PLC and access can be given to the protected zone.

All activities are subsequently reported to the master controller. This master controller documents all activities and manages the authorisation. Also, integration with 3rd party software, such as SAP, is possible.

Prevent unauthorized use of machines based on training level

The FRANK RFID module can be placed in any available push button position of our amGard Pro safety switches. The user himself can select the ID card type (e.g. 125 Hz) and use the outputs to be able to grant access.

In addition to the management of entering and exiting production environments, FRANK RFID modules can also be used for the monitoring of other actions in the process. For instance, for the use of an HMI, programming a robot or use of a CNC machine.

FRANK works independently from the safety inputs of the safety switch, by only using non-safety contacts.