Providing Safety

Brady was in 1990 one of the first companies to meet the new OSHA legislation in the US. Since then they have managed to maintain their position as a leading supplier of lockout solutions.

Nowadays, Brady offers a comprehensive lockout product range for those who consider safety during maintenance work absolute priority. Because of R&D activities and the experience gained, Brady was also able to meet the demand for advanced safety solutions. With a complete offer of high-quality LOTO-solutions, Brady expanded into a global supplier of safety solutions. |

Brady Products

Brady’s range includes safety padlocks, lockout hasps, tags and labels, interlocks and lockout stations

Group lock boxes

Group lock boxes for group-lockout

Safety tags and labels

To mark isolation points and activities

Pipe markers

Markers to identify pipes


Pre-assembled lockout tagout sets

Lockout hasps

Multi-lockouts for more locks on an isolationpoint

Lockout devices

Lockout devices lock various types of energy sources

Lockout stations

Keep all of your LOTO materials organized

Label printers

Print labels and icons with label printers

Safety padlocks

Padlocks for lockout tagout tryout