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ISO 13857:2019

ISO 13857 Safety distances to prevent hazardous zones from being reached by limbs

ISO 13857:2019 describes the requirements for safety distances in both industrial and non-industrial machinery to prevent hazardous areas from being reached by limbs.

The safety distances discussed in this document are applicable when using physical barriers such as safety fences. The ISO standard 13857:2019 also provides information on the appropriate distance to prevent your legs from getting access to the dangerous area. The standard applies to people of 14 years of age (approximately 1400mm in length) and older. It also applies to the upper limbs of children that are 3 years and older (approximately 900mm in length).

Reaching over safety structures
Table 2 (in mm)

Safety distances to the hazard, whereby you have to take the height of the hazard and the height of the safety fencing into account.

Range with limited movement
Tabel 3 (in mm)

Examples of fundamental movements and corresponding safety distances when an arm can be reached through the fence.

Safeguarded constructions lower than 1400 mm should not be used without additional safety measures.

A = The range of movement of the arm.
Sr = The radial safety distance.

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ISO 13857 Safety distances to prevent hazardous zones from being reached by limbs

Reaching through openings
Tabel 4 (in mm)

Veiligheidsafstanden tot het gevaar waarbij de vorm van de opening en het type ledemaat in aanmerking worden genomen.

1) Als de opening van de gleuf ≤ 65 mm is, werkt de duim als een stop en kan de veiligheidsafstand worden teruggebracht tot 200 mm.

Obstruction of free access by lower limbs
Tabel 7 (in mm)

Safety distances to restrict legs and feet from reaching dangerous parts of the machine.

The values in the table are used regardless of the use of clothing and/or footwear.

Openings of e> 180 mm, square and round openings of e> 240 mm allow full-body access. This means additional safety measures must be taken.

Consideration of "Full body access"

Both guards with a slot opening of e> 180 mm and square or round openings of e> 240 mm are not allowed to operate without additional safety measures as they allow full-body access.

Safety structures lower than 1,400 mm may not be operated without additional protective measures.
Full body access must always be taken into account, there is always the possibility that someone tries to climb over or crawls underneath the structure.