Providing Safety
Safeguarding industrial mixers

Safeguarding industrial mixers

Machine safety in the food industry

Industrial food mixers or blenders must be cleaned regularly in order to comply with the strict food hygiene requirements.

Hygienic safety switch

HGL Louis safety switch

Industrial food mixers

applicatie voedselmixer

Louis hygienic safety switch
Food mixer with closed access point

A machine stop is requested
at the control panel.

When the switch is unlocked,
the LED flashes red and green.

The safety switch remains locked
during the run-off time.
The LED lights up red when the
access point of the mixer is open.

Double safety circuits open
until the mixer is closed and locked.

When a mixer needs to be cleaned and stopped, the rotating blades or knives do not stop immediately when the machine is switched off, which means that they remain dangerous for some time. It is therefore important to wait until the machine’s shut-off time has elapsed before opening the access point.

The Louis HGL interlockable stainless steel safety switch is an IP69 approved and 3-A certified safety interlock designed specifically for use in sterile hygienic environments.

The HGL has an open design for easy cleaning and to minimise the risk of bacteria growth. With protection classes of IP67 and IP69 and FDA & USDA approved PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) seals between the stainless steel components, the HGL is the ideal safety solution for open plant cleaning and CIP (Clean in Place) processes.

This very compact HGL safety switch is equipped with OSSD contacts and offers the choice of an M12 5pin or an 8pin plug connection, it is also suitable for use in EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PLe (SIL3) applications and is 3rd party approved by TÜV SUD.

This application example shows how an industrial food mixer is protected by the Louis hygienic heavy duty stainless steel safety switch.

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Hygienic stainless steel safety lock

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