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Extremely durable PLe safety interlock

Extremely durable PLe safety lock

An extremely robust and lockable safety switch for PLe applications. The ATOM safety switch is the latest durable Ple safety interlock in the Fortress Interlocks range.

Safety interlock withstands 7500N tensile force

Highly coded according to EN/ISO 14119

nieuws Fortress Interlocks Atom

The durable PLe interlock withstands up to 7,500N tensile force and has a very large alignment tolerance of 7.5mm in any direction. The housing is robust and made entirely of steel with 316 stainless steel contact parts.

The very compact safety switch is equipped with OSSD contacts and offers the choice of an M12 5pin or an 8pin connector. In addition, the ATOM offers the option of two plug connections for daisy-chaining.

The multi-colour LED informs you about the position of the door and the safety contacts. The completely new designed head module of the ATOM works with a ball-shaped operating handle which is additionally controlled by a high coded RFID switch. This design makes the ATOM extremely suitable for use in demanding industrial environments and, thanks to the retention of a very compact design, also suitable for small radius doors and shutters.

The ATOM is suitable for use in EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PLe (SIL3) applications and is 3rd party approved by TUV SUD. With the ATOM, Fortress Interlocks brings a very competitive product to the market, characterised by the robustness and quality that one has come to expect from Fortress Interlocks.

We also have a selection of Atom safety switches available on our webshop

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