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Brady SafeKey safety padlock

Brady SafeKey safety padlock

The Nylon SafeKey Padlock complements Brady’s existing padlock range. The padlocks in Brady’s SafeKey range are the ultimate padlocks for all your safety needs. The innovative key mechanism gives you significantly more key options than a standard safety padlock, without compromising on safety.

More than 100,000 unique key codes

Key with colour coding

Brady Safekey

More efficient and above all safer Lockout-Tagout
The unique SafeKey lockout mechanism is insulated and non-conductive to protect employees from electrical shocks when the key is inserted. The lock mechanism has 6 precision steel pins that provide high key differentiation and tamper resistance.

The locks are light and resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures, chemicals and corrosion. The non-conductive and non-sparking housing has a ribbed structure for better grip and ease of use.

Colour coded keys in the same colour as the padlock improve Lockout-Tagout efficiency during maintenance operations. A total of nine colours are available to help service technicians find the right key for one of their locks. In addition, each padlock is equipped with a key lockout feature, which means the key cannot be removed from the lock until the padlock is securely closed.

Personalize your safety padlocks
A SafeKey padlock can be personalized by engraving it with for example a name or serial number. Besides Keyed Different, Keyed Alike options are available to open a range of locks with the same key.

The nylon safety padlock is available with three different shackle heights: 25mm, 38mm or 76mm. In addition, you can choose between two shackle materials, nylon and hardened steel. Besides the nylon version, the SafeKey padlock is also available with an aluminium housing.
Have a look at the SafeKey safety padlocks on our Lockout-Tagout webshop

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