Providing Safety
Guarding a welding robot cell

Guarding a Welding Robot Cell

Machine safety in the automotive industry

Prevent an unwanted restart by having each operator take a safety key with them into the cell.

Prevent unwanted restart

Controlled access into robot cells

TüV certified to SIL 3, Cat 4 and PLe

Beveiligen van een lasrobot

Key Switch
A key switch with latch is located here. 

Door lock
There is a door lock on the door with 3 security keys.

An access request is made at the control box to enter the area.

A controlled machine stop is required. 

An access key is released from the
key switch on the control box when the 
machine is safe to enter. 

Machine Guarding
Machine guarding prevents physical access to the robot cell. 

Door lock
Each operator entering the secure
area must carry a security key.
Only when all security keys are returned
can the access key be taken out. 

Machine guards are placed around a robot to protect employees and prevent the process from being unintentionally interrupted. Access to this robot cell can be controlled with a trapped key interlock system. After an access request, the cycle will be completed and the power supply gets electrically isolated (controlled access).

Products used in this application:

Lockable Key Switch

Key switches ensure that installations can be safely switched off.

Door Interlock with Safety Key

For safely opening doors and preventing entrapment.


Machine guards provide physical protection around machinery.

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