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De Alpha interlock blocking device for doors

Interlock blocking device for doors

The Alpha is a new mechanical solution to prevent entrapment in machines and processes.

Protecting people against entrapment can be done in many ways, starting with safety switches safety switches equipped with mechanically coded personal safety keys, but also safety switches with a build-in RFID badge reader and 3D radar protection for person and entrance detection. And from now on, there is the Alpha, fully mechanical interlock trapping device for doors and light curtains.

Interlock blocking device for doors

Variant for hinged and sliding doors

Compulsory safety devices
In order to prevent lockout during maintenance in safeguarded areas, a safety padlock is often used. The opposite of the use of Lockout-Tagout padlocks is that it is a procedure and not a compulsory one. With the ALPHA, the use of a safety key is made compulsory. 

In contrast to Lockout-Tagout, this fully mechanical locking system for hinged and sliding doors prevents the door from being locked and ensures that machines cannot be restarted unintentionally during operations. In addition, the ALPHA containment system can easily be retro-fitted to any access door to the safeguarded area (which is already equipped with a safe door switch). Finally, ALPHA requires operators to carry a safety key when entering the area.

Specifications of the Alpha, entrapment protection for doors:

  • Compulsory
  • Lockout-Tagout
  • Fully mechanical
  • Easy to install on any door
  • Mandatory key removal
  • 200,000 unique key codes
  • Fully stainless steel 316
  • Very robust
  • Version for sliding doors

This mechanical solution is also available for safeguarding light curtains. Please take a look at the Bravo entrapment prevention for light curtains.

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