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Lockout-Tagout cable locks from Master Lock

Lockout-Tagout cable lockout from Master Lock

Master Lock the US manufacturer of Lockout-Tagout products, presents the new S856 and S866 retractable cable lockouts.

Version with steel cable and nylon cable

Retractable and stackable cable locking device

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For those who are not yet familiar with it, Lockout-Tagout

or LOTO is a safety procedure in which all energy sources of machines and installations are isolated, locked and marked before maintenance work is allowed to be carried out.

Lockout procedures involve the use of safety padlocks, safety tags and locking devices such as cable interlocks. The S856 and S866 cable interlocks are ideal for simultaneous interlocking of several valves and/or circuit breakers.

The newly designed retractor mechanism ensures that the excess cable is hidden in the housing during operation. An additional advantage is that this also makes the device itself easier to transport and store.

The S856 and S866 both have a 2.74 metre cable with a 3.3mm diameter. By means of the cable reel’s pal mechanism, the lock can be easily tightened for correct locking of the power source, the excess cable is then neatly rolled up in the housing.

The S856 has a thermoplastic coated steel cable ideal for valves and other mechanical locking applications. The S866, on the other hand, has a thermoplastic-coated nylon cable specially designed for electrical applications where the use of non-conductive materials is a must. In case of cable breakage, replacement cables for both versions can be ordered separately.
Check out the S856 and S866 cable locks from Master Lock now on our Lockout-Tagout webshop on

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