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Lockout-Tagout customised shadow boards

Lockout-Tagout customised shadow boards

Shadow boards are the ideal way to clearly organise your Lockout-Tagout materials such as: lockouts, padlocks and safety tags. When products are taken from the board during LOTO work, they leave a “shadow” on the board so that it can be clearly identified which products have been taken to complete the job.

According to 5S organisational structure

Fully personalised for your applications

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Because Lockout-tagout-shop designs shadow boards customer specific for you, the layout can be made exactly to your wishes, think of company logo, location of the board and the products selected by you. If desired, the numbering/identification of the locks can match the text of the shadow of this product on the board. Shadow boards are also magnetic, which makes it convenient to reserve a place for hanging up the LOTO procedure and/or the work permit.

In order to make this process as simple as possible for our clients, you can simply request the products required for the shadow board after which we will develop a first draft for you and select the right dimensions for the board. Because of these short lines and an efficient process, we can offer this product to you at a very competitive price.
Take a look at the shadow boards on our Lockout-Tagout webshop

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