Providing Safety
Machine safety during a product inspection

Machinesafety during a Product Inspection

Machine safety in the concrete industry

Automated guarded production lines require frequent inspections to check the quality of the product or to take samples.

RFID Badge readers

Industry 4.0

Complete visibility into the productivity

Application Product inspection

The machine can only be restarted after closing the door, replacing the security key and logging off at the badge reader.

The employee can open the access door (after the personal security key is removed) and perform the inspection.

After an authorized employee logs in, an access request is made and the status LED turns green.

FRANK Access Control
Controled access by using FRANK 

The master controller is used for monitoring
and adding or deleting users and is users and
is easily accessible by the administrator(s) via
a local weblink accessed by the administrator(s).

Machinesafety during a Product Inspection
Safe access control is of high importance. Access to the guarded area of the production lines can only be granted when the machine is in slow operation mode or completely switched off.

By using a FRANK access control system, only authorized employees can receive access for inspections. This prevents unintended machine-stops as much as possible. The doors are equipped with safety switches that use a mandatory key removal of the personal safety key. This prevents entrapment and accidental machine restarts.

The FRANK system consists of a ProNet RFID badge reader, a local controller and a master controller.

  • The master controller is used to monitor, add and remove users. It is easily accessible for the administrators via a local web link.
  • The local controller processes and controls the requests and is connected to the PLC.
  • The badge reader is used to log employees in and out who enter and leave the room. The reader is universal, this means that almost every RFID badge (existing badges as well) can be used.

After an authorized employee has registered, an access request is made and the status LED turns green. After this, the employee can open that access door (after removing the personal safety key) and perform the inspection.

After leaving the room, and the door is closed, the safety key has to be to re-entered and the employee has to log out on the badge reader.

Only then, after the door is closed and the key has been re-entered, the machine can be restarted.

Products used in this application:

Frank Access Control

ProNet access control-system by use of your existing ID badges.

amGard Pro

Modular safety door switches and interlocks for heavy duty applications.

Machine Guarding

Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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