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Fluidsentry, new in our range!

New Fortress products in our range: Fluidsentry

Since about a month ago it is now possible to order the Fortress Fluidsentry line. The Fluidsentry line is designed to ensure safety and eliminate risks associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Want to know more about the hydraulic and pneumatic safety valves? Contact one of our experts.

Fortress has been working together with the Australian Murray Hodges and his Fluidsentry for over 20 years (in Australia) to provide a collection of durable, high-quality safety equipment that aid in the protection of persons working in manufacturing situations. Fluidsentry is finally making its debut on the global market with the continuation of the collaboration between Fortress Safety and Murray’s two sons.

Fluidsentry offers options for the containment of fluid power. Most often electrical energy sources are locked out, but the fluid power is forgotten. A hazard cannot be deemed ‘safe’ until all sources of hazardous energy are disconnected. Fluid power threats must be protected using the same standards as electrical systems.

Fluidsentry product line

Fortress offers three products in the Fluidsentry line. The Pneumatic Monitored Safety Valve (PSV), the Hydraulic High-Speed Valve (HSV), and a Zero Pressure Monitor (ZPM).


The Pneumatic Safety Valve (PSV) by Fortress is a state-of-the-art safety device designed to protect pneumatic systems from overpressure and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, the PSV offers a critical layer of safety by automatically venting excess pressure to maintain system integrity. With its advanced features and robust construction, the PSV ensures the safe operation of pneumatic systems in a variety of industrial environments.

The Pneumatic Safety Valve by Fortress is a critical component for safeguarding pneumatic systems against overpressure situations. With its rapid response, high-flow capacity, and robust construction, the PSV provides peace of mind to operators, ensuring the safety and longevity of pneumatic systems in various industrial applications.


The Hydraulic HSV (Hydraulic High-Speed Valve) by Fortress Safety is an advanced safety device designed to protect hydraulic systems from overpressure situations. With its cutting-edge technology and robust construction, the Hydraulic HSV offers reliable and efficient pressure relief, ensuring the integrity and safety of hydraulic systems in various industrial applications.

The Hydraulic HSV operates as a high-speed valve that rapidly opens when the hydraulic pressure exceeds the predetermined set point. This immediate response allows for the controlled release of excessive pressure, preventing equipment failure, damage, and potential risks to personnel.

With the Hydraulic HSV, operators can confidently safeguard their hydraulic systems, ensuring the safety of personnel and the longevity of equipment.


Zero Pressure Monitoring by Fortress is an innovative solution that revolutionizes the way pressure is monitored in pneumatic systems. This advanced technology enables real-time monitoring of pressure levels and alerts operators when the pressure drops to zero or falls below a predetermined threshold.

With Zero Pressure Monitoring, operators can quickly identify potential issues, prevent equipment damage, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of pneumatic systems.

The key feature of Zero Pressure Monitoring is its ability to continuously monitor and analyse pressure levels. By employing precision sensors and intelligent algorithms, the system detects any deviations from the desired pressure range, providing timely notifications to operators. This proactive approach allows for swift response and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.

All products from the Fluidsentry line have been designed to be easily integrated into existing safety systems.

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