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New Inxpect radar scanners

Inxpect Launches New Smart Sensors and Controllers for Industrial Safety

Inxpect, a leading company in industrial safety solutions, has launched new smart sensors and controllers that can detect access or presence of operators in dangerous areas. The latest product range from Inxpect features several advanced features that can dynamically set the detection and warning zones, enabling mobile robotic applications to work seamlessly.

An overview of the latest Inxpect radar sensors and controllers

Inxpect radar scanners

How does Inxpect's safe radar system work?

Dynamic Modification of Detection Zones
One of the most significant features of Inxpect’s new smart sensors is the dynamic modification of the detection zone. In real-time, sensor parameters can be configured, allowing for an adjustment of the detection zone. This feature makes Inxpect sensors ideal solutions for mobile robotic applications, where adaptability is crucial.

Improved Communication with Machinery
Inxpect’s modular fieldbus allows Smart Sensors to exchange safety data, such as the position of the target, in real-time with the machinery’s PLC. This integration with the machinery’s control system ensures effective communication and quick response times, enhancing overall safety.

Access Protection and Restart Prevention
Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment offers access protection and restart prevention features to ensure optimal safety in hazardous work environments. When an operator moves closer to the dangerous area, the machinery is placed in a safe state, preventing it from restarting while the operator is still in the area.

Secure Configuration
Inxpect offers secure configuration options for its Safety Radar Products, ensuring the safety of users. Whether through USB or Ethernet, Inxpect control units, and the Inxpect Safety Application, users can configure their products with complete security.

Fast Response Time
Inxpect smart sensors have a response time of less than 100 milliseconds. This fast response time ensures quick action in case of an emergency, saving space and reducing the area required to stop machinery.

Resistant to Disturbances
Optical devices often fail due to dust, smoke, water, or debris generated by the production process. However, Inxpect Smart Sensors are highly resistant to these disturbances, thanks to their sophisticated long-range radar algorithm that filters out such disturbances. This feature reduces false alarms and increases productivity in industrial settings.

Inxpect Smart Sensors are immune not only to light, smoke, and debris but also to rain (rainfall rate up to 45 mm/h). This makes them a reliable choice for use in challenging environments.

Flexible, Modular, and Scalable
Inxpect Safety Radar systems are composed of a control unit and up to six smart radar sensors, making it highly flexible and modular. The configuration process is easy, thanks to the user-friendly Inxpect Safety Application that offers guided validation procedures and generates configuration reports, completing each installation.

Software Inxpect Safety Application
Inxpect’s Safety Application software offers simple and intuitive configuration and validation of the coverage area. The software guides users through the configuration of volumetric coverage areas, I/O interface configuration, system parameter settings, and validation process. It is an integral part of all Inxpect safety systems.

Inxpect S200 Sensors: Restart Prevention with Static Object Detection
Inxpect’s S200 sensors are designed to monitor the presence of people in the area and filter out static objects, preventing machine restarts. In cases where an additional function is needed, the Static Object Detection feature can be activated, which detects static objects in the area, preventing machinery from restarting when obstacles are present. This feature is essential for mobile applications such as overhead gantries, AGVs, self-driving vehicles, etc.

An overview of the latest Inxpect radar sensors and controllers

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