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Insulation plugs for bottle fuses

One lock-out for E27 and E33 screw fuses

The Lockout-Tagout articles E218 & E233 from ABUS, lockout E27 and E33 screw fuses. They are very easy to use. The dummy lockout is screwed into the screw head and this prevents the fuse from being inserted. Therefore, it is not possible to use the dummy wrongly inadvertently.

E218 lockout for E14 and E18 fuses

E233 lockout for E27 and E33 fuses

Nieuws E27 en E33 schroefzekering Lockout

2 IN 1
Thanks to the staggered wire diameter, each dummy covers two common threads:

  • E218 for E14 and E18 threads (for D01 + D02 screw fuses, NEOZED system)
  • E233 for E27 and E33 threads (for DII + DIII screw fuses, DIAZED system)
    Suitable for LOTO applications

Unlike many other products, it is possible to lock these dummies with security padlocks with a shackle diameter of up to 6.5mm. The dummies are supplied with a yellow special key for the application and removal of the lock, this key can be attached to the padlock bracket. Thanks to the horizontal padlock holes, cables or cable padlocks can also be used to lock several screw fuses with one lock.

Warning label ”Do not Operate” included.
The dummies are supplied with a warning label, featuring the ABUS logo and a ‘do not operate’ pictogram.
See the new lockout for screw fuses on our Lockout-Tagout webshop

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