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Secure access to ASRS systems with amGard Pro

Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) have made significant advances in various industries. During all these developments, employee safety remains as important as ever. But how do I securely access these ASRS systems?

What is an ASRS System?

ASRS, or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, are automated systems deployed in warehouses and distribution centers to optimize the storage and retrieval of goods. ASRS systems use automated technologies such as automated construction crane, conveyors and software to efficiently and accurately store, collect and ship goods.

Using ASRS systems reduces reliance on manual labor, improves the speed of warehouse operations and maximizes available storage space. They are designed to improve accessibility and management of inventory, allowing companies to reduce costs and increase productivity. These automated systems often find application in industries with significant storage needs, such as logistics, manufacturing and distribution.

Access to the ASRS system

In warehouses, it is common for personnel to move freely through the area (full body access), while machines and robots operate in vast areas.

At the same time, there is a risk of boxes and products falling into hazardous areas, which can lead to malfunctions. It is vital to prevent unplanned restarts, as individuals picking up fallen boxes could potentially get dangerously close to robotic or conveyor systems

amGard Pro as a secure solution for your ARSR system

Recessed key switch
Manual faucet operation.
Recessed key switch
De-activation of the manual faucet operation.
Light Curtains
Light curtains for body detection.
Ethernet controlled
safety interlock
with control buttons
The key from the
switch is used for
access request.
Machine Guarding
Machine guarding creates a safe zone.

To ensure that your employees can safely enter the warehouse, the amGard Pro offers an excellent solution for ASRS systems, among others.

The entry point to the ASRS system is equipped with an amGard Pro safety interlock, this door can only be opened when the key is removed from the switch on the control panel (now in manual operation mode) and inserted into the key switch of the door-mounted interlock.

When the key is inserted into the key switch on the door, the interlock is unlocked and the actuator can be removed from the interlock, opening the access point. The key can then be removed by the operator, who can take it with him while in the secure area

The unit is also equipped with an emergency release, meaning that personnel can escape from the secure area in an emergency. AmGard Pro offers total electromechanical safety solutions suitable for use in SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 (EN 954-1) and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) applications. This product group is certified by TüV SUD.

Complete safety with AmGard Pro for Heavy Duty applications

Thus, the amGard Pro acts as a secure solution for joining an ASRS system. However, this does not make the ASRS system completely safe. Machine safety products such as light curtains detect the entry of persons into machines and installations in locations where this is not common, think of a treadmill with products. Once the light curtain detects a person, it immediately stops to ensure safety for employees.

In addition, machine guards guards provide physical safety around machines, robots and plants.

Applied products in this practical example:

Machine Guarding

Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.


amGard Pro

AmGard Pro switches with PROFINET/ETHERNET IP


Light Curtains

Safety light curtains for optical access detection of operators in machine safety applications.


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