Providing Safety
Safe access to warehouses

Safe Access to Warehouses

Machine safety in logistics & distribution

ProNet or Ethernet IP controlled safety switches for less wiring and more diagnosis

Complies with EN 528: 2008

Access Request with coded key

Safety switch with Ethernet

Applicatie geautomatiseerde magazijn

Recessed key switch
Manual faucet operation.

Recessed key switch
De-activation of the manual faucet operation.

Light Curtains
Light curtains for body detection.

Ethernet controlled
safety interlock
with control buttons
The key from the switch
is used for
access request.

Machine Guarding
Machine guarding creates
a safe zone. 

Automated storage and retrieval systems have aisle entry access at aisle ends and/or mid aisle points. To comply with EN 528: 2008, the automatic valves must be switched off from the outside of the guard using a key switch. The released key gives access to the aisle via the interlock on the door. This key can be used for the manual operation of the crane from the cab.

Products used in this application:

Key Switch

A key switch safely isolates installations

amGard Network

Safety Switches with PROFINET

Light Curtains

Light curtains detect people entering machines and installations

Machine Guarding

Machine fencing ensures a physical barrier around machine and installations.

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Prevent Entrapment

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