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Safety radar scanner insensitive to environmental influences

Safety radar scanner indifferent to environmental influences

The Italian manufacturer Inxpect S.p.A. has marketed the world’s first radar protection for machine safety applications. The advantage of radar technology relative to laser scanners and light screens is the insensitivity to dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks or vibrations.

Alternative for laser scanners

Avoid containment or use as walk-in protection

Nieuws LBK radarscanner

The safe radar system from Inxpect consists of a controller and up to 6 sensors that can be placed in series. The sensors are easily connected by means of 5pin M12 plugs. The Inxpect safety sensor is insensitive to dust, grit, moisture, sparks or temperature differences, making it ideal for outdoor installations or use in harsh industrial conditions.

Different controllers
There are 3 different controller variants available for the smart sensors. 

1. The digital I/O controller, this is the basic model. It controls up to 6 radar scanners and has 2 digital inputs for muting, emergency stop or restart function.

2. The digital ethernet and I/O controller, allows the radar scanner to be configured both locally and remotely. 

3. Finally, the Fieldbus controller, which provides a direct connection to various Ethernet protocols for enhanced functionality and diagnostics.

Detection area
Depending on the size of the area to be monitored, each sensor can be set to a wide or narrow protected area: the wide protected area has a detection angle of 110° horizontally and 30° vertically, the narrow protected area has a detection angle of 50° horizontally and 15° vertically.

The LBK radar safety device is suitable for use in PLd, SIL2 and Category 2 applications and is easy to program using the user-friendly software supplied.
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