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The muting function of the laser scanner

The muting function of the Datalogic Laser scanner

This article will discuss in detail the muting function of the Datalogic laser scanner. First, it will briefly highlight the general description of the laser scanner, followed by a more in-depth look at the operation and purpose of the muting function.

What is the muting function?

Important points when setting the muting function

The Datalogic laserscanner

The Datalogic laser scanner is an electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE). It uses active optoelectronic protective devices that respond to the diffuse reflection of a radiation (AOPDDRs), according to the definition and requirements of international safety standard IEC 61496-3. The optical radiation is a class 1 infrared laser generated in the device.

If the device is applied to a machine that poses a risk of personal injury, it provides protection by placing the machine in a safe position before a person reaches the dangerous points.

The operating principle

The laser’s invisible beam creates a two-dimensional safety area that must be traversed to reach the dangerous point. In this way, the dangerous movement of the machine can be stopped before anyone reaches the dangerous point.

Within the detection range of the device, two areas can be monitored simultaneously: The safety zone, which is used to detect operators or objects entering a hazardous area; and the warning zone, which can be defined with a greater distance than the safety zone so that a configuration can detect objects that are close to the safety zone.

The muting function

Using the muting function, the safety status can be automatically disabled for both the entire (total muting) and part (partial muting) of the safety area. This function is very useful when an object, without human presence, needs to pass through the hazardous area. It makes it possible to perform specific cyclic operations without interrupting machine operation.

When muting the machine, this is indicated by an external muting lamp connected to the Datalogic safety laser scanner. The lamp flashes when the muting function is active. The muting function consequently causes the safety sensor to stop checking for obstacles temporarily, but the important safety outputs remain active (as required for machine operation). To activate the muting function, the safety sensor has two buttons called Muting 1 and Muting 2.

Damping sensors should be placed based on the length and speed of the material to recognise passing objects (such as pallets, vehicles, etc.). If a muting zone is entered at different speeds, it should be considered how this affects the overall muting time.

Important points when setting the muting function

Take care when choosing the configuration, as an incorrect choice may lead to incorrect operation of the muting function and cause a reduction in the safety level. Refer to the relevant reference standard for correct use of the muting function.

In addition, muting sensors should be positioned so that while the muting function is activated, it is not possible for a person to pass through the desired zone.

For more information, read through Datalogic’s comprehensive user manual or contact our dedicated team of Sales Engineers!

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