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The use of the Alfred explosion-proof safety switches

Alfred interlocks; suitable for use in explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations

At Unique Safety Products, we have a wide range of Fortress safety interlocks. You will find a range of robust interlocking devices designed and certified for use in hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres.

What is Alfred?

These mechanical interlocks are intended for hazardous locations. To withstand this, the Alfred range is made of 316 stainless steel, which gives them excellent corrosion resistance. With a holding force of 7 kN, they can exert a force of 7 kilonewtons to hold or lock something securely. This is essential in industries where flammable substances or flammable gases may be present, as the high strength of the lock ensures safety in potentially hazardous environments. These interlocks are suitable for industries such as food and beverage production, wood processing, and paper and pulp industries, for example.

Extreme environments

Made of sturdy stainless steel enclosures without electrical components, Alfred has an IP69 rating, making it perfect for any dusty environment.

The Alfred safety components are suitable for Ex zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. The specially developed explosion-proof housing of our safety switches is tested and certified for explosive environments according to Ex (ATEX), IECEx, CCC and SGS US. These certifications guarantee reliability and safety in the most demanding situations.

  • Ex II 2 G: Gas explosion for EU and GB
  • Ex II 2 D: Dust explosion for EU and GB
  • Ex dB h IIC T6 Gb IP67: Gas explosion for regions with IECEx regulations
  • Ex tB h IIIC T6 Db IP67: Dust explosion for regions with IECEx regulations

With these certifications, Alfred safety switches meet the highest standards for use in hazardous environments, making them ideal for the most demanding industrial applications.

Flexible Configurations with the Alfred Range

With the Alfred range, you can easily create different configurations. You can choose from different actuators, including options for internal emergency release in combination with the Ex-switch module. You can also combine main modules and up to three key adapters with an Ex-switch module. This makes Alfred the most customisable interlock for hazardous environments.

Application example

In zone 2/22, the Alfred security lock ensures that access keys are released, allowing you to open the mechanical door lock on the shutters in zone 0/20 (see image).

How it works:

1. Release Keys: In zone 2/22, the solenoid interlock releases the keys. These keys are used to open the machine’s three hatches.

2. Use of Keys: As long as the keys are used to open the hatches, the safety circuits in the solenoid unit remain open. This means the machine cannot be switched on and remains in a safe state.

3. Return of Keys: Once all keys are returned to the solenoid unit, the safety circuits can be closed and the machine returns to the normal operational state

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