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Troax Blueguard Hygienic machine guarding

Troax Blueguard: An Innovative Machine Guarding Method for Hygienic Environments

Protecting People, Property, and Processes

Troax stands at the forefront of machine guarding, dedicated to creating safer workspaces across diverse global industries. With a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Troax has risen as a world leader in protective mesh panel solutions. From its humble origins in a quaint Swedish village to its widespread acclaim, Troax’s mission remains unchanged: protecting people, assets, and operations.

Troax Blueguard

Doors, Posts and Wall panels for Hygienic Environments

Machine Guarding
In modern automated industries, a high level of safety is essential. Mesh wall solutions are often used to shield workers from machinery hazards and ensure seamless production processes. Troax machine guarding is used in the automotive industry, producers of industrial installations, and many other industrial sectors.

Blueguard: Innovative Machine Guarding for Hygienic Environments
BlueGuard, developed by Troax, is a high-quality machine guarding system that meets rigorous hygiene standards prevalent in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. The system complies with standards such as EN 1672-2 and EN ISO 14159. Made of passivated AISI 304 L stainless steel, BlueGuard not only provides safety but also durability. It is resistant to aggressive environments and can be repeatedly cleaned under high pressure. With a tested resistance to an impact of 600 J, BlueGuard offers robust protection.

The system is quick and efficient to install thanks to pre-assembled and user-friendly fasteners and a universal post for straight walls, corners, and doors. Due to its frameless design, BlueGuard can be flexibly adjusted to specific on-site needs. The panels are attached to an open and U-shaped post with highly durable, anchored fastenings made of technopolymer and stainless steel.

Hygienic Doors, Posts, and Wall Panels
Troax offers a comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel doors, including single and double-hinged options, as well as single sliding doors, to meet various needs. Troax’s open, U-shaped posts prevent dust and residue buildup. The mesh panels are constructed from 4 mm welded wire, and reinforced with cross folds for extra strength..

Troax Blueguard is an innovative solution that meets the highest standards for machine guarding in hygienic environments. With its durability, flexibility, and ease of use, BlueGuard is the ideal choice for companies striving for maximum safety and efficiency in their production processes.

Machine Fencing
Troax mesh wall systems are modular and can be fully customized to your requirements. Additionally, it is also possible to have your safety fencing installed and equipped with the safety components you desire.

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