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USP receives the Brady Silver Partner Award

Brady Silver Partner Award

Friday the 31st of March, Unique Safety Products received the Silver Partner Award from Brady.

Silver Partner

For all of your Lockout-Tagout products and label printers

USP receives silver award from Brady Corporation, two men shaking hands
USP is a proud partner and supplier of Brady products. Brady Corporation manufactures and provides solutions in order to identify and protect people, products, and places.

Brady’s solutions help increase security, safety, productivity, and achievements. Brady’s product range includes identification labels, safety and on-site identification products, printers, software, and Lockout-Tagout products.

Brady makes a wide range of Lockout-Tagout products for those who prioritize safety during maintenance work and those who want to meet Lockout-Tagout requirements.

Brady was one of the first companies, in 1990, to adhere to the new OSHA legislation by the United States. Ever since Brady has kept her position as the tone-setting manufacturer of Lockout-Tagout solutions. Brady has also delivered advanced safety solutions to Europe, Middle East, and Africa, as a virtue of their knowledge and experience.

Brady has grown to become a global supplier of safety solutions and offers a complete range of quality solutions for identification and LOTO.

On the Lockout-Tagout-Shop you can find our broad Brady assortment, including:

Check our Brady assortment on .

For more information about Brady you can visit
Brady official Silver Partner Logo 2023

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