Providing Safety


Lockout tagout shadow bord

Shadow boards

Improved Safety and Efficiency with Lockout-Tagout Shadow Boards An important aspect of effective LOTO implementation is organizing and storing the necessary Lockout-Tagout equipment. This is where Lockout-Tagout Shadow Boards come into play. These visual boards provide an organized and structured solution for tidying up padlocks, safety tags, and lockout devices, significantly enhancing the safety and …

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Inxpect radar scanners

Inxpect product overview

Overview of the latest Inxpect radar sensors and controllers. More information on Inxpects radar safety system: Inxpect technology Inxpect sensors S101A Inxpect offers a variety of radar sensors and controllers to ensure safety in different industrial settings. The S101A, was their first safety radar sensor. This smart radar device sends 24 GHz radio waves and …

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safety measures for bear enclosures zoo

safeguarding a bear enclosure

Safeguarding a bear enclosure at the Zoo To ensure the safety of animals, as well as visitors and caretakers, and to prevent breakouts, Amersfoort Zoo chose to partner with Unique Safety Products in safeguarding the new spectacled bear enclosure. The right solution for safeguarding this animal enclosure is using the Fortress Interlocks mGard Trapped Key …

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